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How you can use to WordPress Sticky Plugin to have a greater impact on your audience?

If you want a high tech and robust website for your business, you should go for a WordPress Website. The reason is that WordPress is a technology, which covers all the important functionalities and it is also very easy to add these attributes to your website. In WordPress, this is done by the use of Plugins. The plugins are complex tools that are compatible with the WordPress websites and they can impart complex capabilities to your website or blog.

One such plugin is WordPress Sticky plugin that is used to make different website elements sticky. When the elements like menus are made sticky by the use of this plugin, they are visible at all the times, even when you scroll the website. The use of this plugin make these elements freeze up and they put an impact on the users by becoming visible at all the times.

Different elements like sticky menu and sticky banners can be obtained by the application of this tool. Now that we have seen basic information about this plugin, let’s have a look at some of the important features of this plugin.

Important Features of WordPress Sticky Plugin

  1. This plugin can freeze almost all the distinct elements of the website or blog. For example, top menus, side menus, banners and pop-ups all can be made sticky. It depends on you for which element you want to show to your audience at all the times.
  2. Another important feature of this plugin is that more than one element at a time can be made freeze up. That is you can freeze both the popups as well as banners at the same time. You can redesign your website and can give it a completely different look by the use of this plugin.
  3. Along with the basic functionality to make your elements sticky different other features are also added to this plugin so that you can customize the look of your website or blog. For example, you can add white space when you are making the top menu sticky. This will allow you to have a better look for your website.

Thus, we have seen some important features of this particular plugin. For different guest posting sites this plugin has a great utility. Let’s have a look at this application in detail.

Application of this plugin for Guest Blogging websites

The purpose of the guest blogging websites is to attract the users to post guest posts on the website. This can be done by making the heading of the guest blogging section sticky. When this heading will be visible to the users at all the times, it will prompt them to post guest posts on the website. This will add to the traffic to the website as well as the ranking of the website will also improve.

Thus, we have seen in detail, the key aspects allied to the WordPress Sticky Plugin. You can also use this plugin and impart it better functionality depending on the objective that you have in mind.

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