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5 Mac Tricks You Probably Didn’t Know About

Apple shipped nearly 70 million Mac units in the first quarter of the past year alone. A quick tour through your Mac book should reveal why Apple commands such an impressive sales record.

The simple yet polished user interface and mac features make you fall in love with the product without breaking a sweat.

The myriad powerful capabilities of Macs allow you to do almost anything you want. However, with so many features, you are bound to miss some useful computer tricks.

Below are the five Mac tricks that you should explore. They’ll help you improve your Mac.

1. Discover Your Optimal Screen Scale

Finding the right scale for your Mac involves trial and error. You have to do it even though it’s mostly a game of chance. Most people find that the default resolution/ screen scaling in most Macs doesn’t appeal at first sight.

You’ll have to open the system preferences to adjust Mac’s resolution. There’s an Apple icon at the top left corner of the screen. Click on it to open the system preferences, then click on the “displays” option.

After clicking on the display option, you’ll find the “resolution” option. Then select the “scaled” choice to alter the text size your screen displays. Toy around with adjusting the text size until you find what works for you.

Mac books have a function that adjusts the brightness of your screen automatically depending on your environment’s lighting condition. Sometimes this feature can be irritating to your eyes. Disable it under the “displays” options if you don’t want it.

Macs also have a True Tone toll similar to the automatic brightness adjuster. Only that True Tone alters your display when there are changes in ambient lighting. This tool’s essence is finding the right white balance for you.

This feature can be frustrating when using a photo or video editing tool. Often, it will make the display more yellow than you’d prefer. Find it under “displays” and turn it off.

Click on https://setapp.com/how-to/invert-colors-on-mac for more Mac tips on managing the display.

2. Dark Mode

A “general” option is accessible once you open the system preferences. This option lets you choose from three modes – dark, auto, and light. All these choices affect the amount of light coming from your screen.

Light mode, as the name suggests, is the brightest. It’s useful in surroundings with sufficient lighting; a perfect example could be using your Mac in a well-sunlit environment. The dark mode works well in a surrounding that doesn’t have enough lighting.

The upside of the dark mode is that it prevents your Mac screen from blasting you with excessive white light. It’s an adjustment you should try out if you use your Mac frequently. Auto mode, on the other hand, switches between dark mode and light mode depending on the time.

The auto mode will change the settings to the light mode when daytime sets in. It will do the opposite when nighttime reaches. Although dark mode protects your eyesight, the ultimate choice on the preferable mode lies with you.

3. Supercharge the Screen’s Corners

Mac has four Hot Corners, but it only utilizes one by default. It uses the single Hot Corner to display a feature you are yet to discover or a feature you seldom use.

Such could be the QuickNote feature that contains essential notes or documents. Usually, there’s a link tying these notes or documents to an app or website that you were using. Hovering the cursor on the bottom right corner of your screen will make the contents of a Hot Corner accessible.

Activate the other three Hot Corners so that you can add quick shortcuts to other functionalities. For instance, you can use the top left corner for the Mission Control Option. Mission Control Option makes it easier to open and see all the windows on your screen.

4. Get Rid of Default Scrolling

Macs have a natural scrolling feature that assumes you are scrolling the page alone. Natural scrolling assumes the page is static, so the scrolling is intuitive. For natural scrolling, you’ll only see the scrolling bar when you want to get a glimpse of the page’s length.

This scrolling type works well on iPhones, but you can’t say the same for Macs. You can change it by going to the trackpad section in system preferences. Here, go to the scroll and zoom option and turn off the scroll direction.

You might also find that the cursor’s speed is too slow for your liking. Move the tracking needle to the right in the point and click section. This action will increase the speed at which the cursor moves to suit your needs.

You’ll also find the “tap to click” option inside the point and click option. This determines the amount of pressure you’ll have to apply when clicking. Enabling it makes your screen sensitive to light touches.

It’s better to disable “tap to click” because enabling it makes your Mac prone to accidental clicks.

5. Finder Customization: Convenient Among the Mac Tricks

Finder Preferences are a set of settings meant for customizing your finder. Hit the Command + (comma) inputs while using finder to open these settings. Then select the sidebar above to finder preferences to start the customization.

Check for options that you’d like to be visible and easily accessible. A great starting point would be to check the laptop view. It has all the drives that you’ll find helpful.

Set Yourself Apart By Learning Computer Hacks

Learning Mac tricks comes with many benefits, but two stand out. First, the tricks improve your Mac by optimizing the display and other functionalities for a seamless performance. Second, the tricks help you customize your Mac according to your taste.

Customization helps you navigate the computer with ease. When you know the location of all the tools you need, you spend less time on the tasks.

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