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7 Reasons Why you need a Managed Dedicated Server in Germany

With the drastic hype of dedicated server and web hosting services in the market, people are now giving a lot more effort and concentration on keeping their web server up to date and trendy. Keeping your Dedicated Server Germany up to date is very much important but it is also necessary to know that there are a lot of factors that you need to say on top of. Let’s take an example, PHP updation can help a user to get security and better performance but are you aware of the steps on how to make those changes.

Running and managing a Dedicated Server Hosting Germany is not an easy thing, it can be a very difficult task which can only be managed by a server expert only. Here in this article, we’ll help you to know about the Dedicated Server in Germany and how it is capable of making a website faster and how it offers the best experience for the visitors on the site.

What is The Meaning of Managed Dedicated Server in Germany?

Fully-managed server means the server is fully managed which states that the web hosting providers who are providing the company Dedicated Server Germany services are taking care of the technical parts of maintaining and for setting up your server. In includes:

  • Operating all system patches
  • Taking care of the security updates
  • Installing all the software
  • Migration of websites from one host or server to another

If you are having an unmanaged Dedicated Server in Germany then you are the only one who has to take care of the things mentioned above with all other responsibilities. If you keep a managed IT staff for handling all Germany Dedicated Server issues and updates then you can save yourself from the hassle. But if you are not having a staff of IT experts and also don’t want to learn the technical stuff then only managed hosting service can help you. Below we’ll share the benefits of Dedicated Server in Germany and how it can help you to grow your business and save your time.

Top Benefits of Dedicated Server in Germany

There are ample benefits of having a Dedicated Server Germany for your business as the services they provide are good as compared to the pay and you also get additional perks when you opt for a good web hosting provider. Here are few advantages of having a dedicated server:

#1. Setup and Configuration

Whenever a company goes for setting up a new server, there are a lot of tasks needed for that setup. Whether you are starting from the bottom or you are migrating your website from one Dedicated Hosting Germany to another, proper configuration of the Cheap Dedicated Server Germany is very important before you go live. An Unmanaged Server, you have to start from scratch like buying a new computer without any software but operating system. The PC in that case is of no use until you install software and applications you like and configure it the way you like. You also have to update and do the security updations as well which is not a small task to do.

But with the help of a fully-managed server, you don’t have to worry about the configuration and required initial setups to be done. You can start working on your Cheap Dedicated Server Germany right after set up without any prep- work

#2. Server Maintenance and Regular Updates

We all know that whether it is a PC or a server, regular updates are a must. These updates help in fixing security defects, improve the performance, and add additional features to it. Just like your PC, your server also needs continuous updations and maintenance. Unlike a PC which can easily install new updates automatically without needing any specialist of the task, a Cheap Dedicated Server Germany needs manual power that has some technical  skills for the updates to be installed in the server.

#3. Security Perks

There is not a single day that you may not hear about the stories of  a company whose server got hacked. It is very important that you are sure about your security against these hacks. Keeping the Best-Dedicated Server Hosting Germany up to date and secure it from the outside threat is a very hard and full;-time job for a person.

But with the help of a fully-managed server, you get a team of experts who takes care of your server’s security for you. You don’t have to worry about any outside threat as it will get resolved before coming into your Dedicated Hosting Germany by a managed server.

#4. Technical Support for a Dedicated Server in Germany

A lowest web hosting provider offers 24/7 technical support even if it is an unmanaged or a managed dedicated server. But the problem with the unmanaged dedicated server is that the support given by them will not include issues of configuration, software problems that might cause trouble in your website. It will be your responsibility to handle the Best-Dedicated Server Hosting Germany configuration.

Fully managed dedicated server, on the other hand, offers a range of technical support that too on a much wide scale. It will include common issue support for solving common issues by a professional staff. And on top of that technical support, you will also get the advantage of ongoing training for the technical support team.

#5. Better Uptime

The term Uptime is used in the technical field for hosting businesses to indicate the time percentage  a web hosting company ensures the availability of the server for the site visitors and they’re operating. If a company is guaranteeing 99% uptime then it means that they offer a Dedicated Hosting Germany with a downtime of not more than 1% for a given Germany Dedicated Server which means 5 minutes in the complete month.

A fully managed Best-Dedicated Server Hosting Germany offers an uptime of 100% which means whenever your website gets downtime, they will make sure to improve it in ample seconds for a better site’s visitors experience.


If you are looking for a web hosting company to get fully managed services for your website and business then your search ends here. ServerWala is the top Dedicated Server Germany provider that offers a big range of Managed Services Plans for big-scale businesses and companies that guarantees an uptime of 100%. They offered fully-managed services for both dedicated servers and VPS hosting to offer everything that you need for your website. If you’re not sure of what plans you want for your business needs then get free counseling by tech experts and they will help you to pick the ideal plan for you.

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