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Before You Choose an LED Video Wall, Read This Post

Although you can find people are using LED video walls in various events and concerts, selecting a suitable one can always be quite a challenging task. These days, there are many different technologies as well as mounting mechanisms available on the market and hence before you go for such display you need to consider a few things –

Let us, first of all, know about a few benefits that a LED video wall can offer. Dynamo LED Displays is one of the well-known manufacturers who also make such displays that have their manufacturing plants in the UK and Dubai.

  1. LED video walls will not need any backlight and can produce colour light of their own if a particular voltage will be applied to them.
  2. Since no filament is involved like old days tube technology and hence it will be a much energy efficient device and also will not get heated up after long use.
  3. LED video walls can support high-definition video and that has made a LED screen option a much popular option.
  4. LED video walls are generally created after connecting individual panels of LED video wall together, thus stacking them for creating a composite image almost like LCD walls. Hence, images can be seamlessly delivered all across panels and also look great from all angles, offering every attendee as if they are sitting in a front-row seat.
  5. Although options for panel size may vary, the most commonly available is a 1/2 meter or about 19” size, that can project images at all sizes, right from small to very large.

Having said this, you must consider the following few things before you plan to install any LED video walls.

  • The ideal location

While using this display you must consider the distance of your viewers and also the display height. 

  • Your purpose

Usually, this kind of display is more successful for advertisement purpose by placing them strategically.

  • The environment where it will be installed

For an indoor environment, you will need excellent resolution while for outdoors you will need a very bright display.

  • Size for the event

You can scale LED video walls to any shape and size, hence, it is important to select the right size meant for your event.

  • What should be the pixel pitch

For larger events prefer to go for a higher pixel pitch, however, for smaller events you will require a lower pixel pitch.

  • What aspect ratio is needed

Based on the event where you want to use this video wall you have to choose a different aspect ratio.

  • Should you rent?

Often instead of buying them renting can be a better option.

  • Whether certified and tested?

Better choose one that is manufactured by a reputed company where the products are properly tested and certified.  

Nowadays, social media like Facebook and YouTube has become much popular. Hence, rather than calling all your friends, you can use this display in any of the social media feeds by using your LED video walls that can highlight your tweets, and get instant messages. 

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