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Best Platforms for Finding Gamers

Gaming has such a big community. It’s almost impossible for you not to meet new people when you play. Sometimes those random teammates you meet end up being your gaming partner. They accompany you in all your matches and you get to rise alongside one another. However, finding the perfect partner for you in random lobbies in games may be difficult. Not everyone you match up with is going to be good or willing to team up again.

Maybe the game is getting a bit too difficult, or maybe playing alone is becoming boring. That’s why there are different platforms out there for those who are looking to team up with other people and receive help in their games.


This gamer platform is definitely worth trying out. You could go to Gank and look for the gamer that suits your needs. Here you could look for the pro that could help you in your matches or missions. They could make levelling and ranking up much easier for you. You could also find people who could entertain you for hours here. They could tell stories of their gaming lives, tell jokes, and simply have you experience a good and fun time.

You also don’t have to play games if you want to hire a gamer. If you want to hire a gamer simply because you want to talk to them, you could do that. There are many platforms you could talk to them on like VR Chat. You could hire specific types of gamers if you’re looking to learn a thing or two about them. If you’re looking to get started on cosplaying, there are plenty of cosplayers to hire on Gank.

YouTube/Live Streams

It may not be specifically made to help you in finding gamers, it could still be of use for you. You could still find teammates you need. You could make a YouTube channel and post videos of you recruiting players for your team. If you’ve got a big enough fan base already, you’re sure to get loads of applicants immediately. Best part is you could let all your viewers comment on the video and pile those comments up and you could review them later on to see who are worthy of joining your team.

Live streams are more effective for quick team ups however. You could ask your viewers who would want to team up with you and you could pick who among those who commented you would want to team up with. Not only could you ask for your viewers to team up with you, you could even invite them for a 1v1 on games like League of Legends, Mobile Legends, Call of Duty, etc. A lot of streamers do this where they give out prizes to those who view their stream and beat them in a 1 on 1 game. Not only are you able to find gamers to help you in games, you also end up interacting and connecting with your fans and viewers.

You could also try out social media platforms when looking for gamers to team up with. However, they’re not as reliable as platforms like Gank so stick with the ones you could trust. Best part is you could even earn quite a bit when you apply on Gank and play with those who are also finding gamers.

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