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Great Supports in the Insta Post Options

Being one of the fastest growing social networks in the world, Instagram is a phenomenon. Despite having more than 1 billion active users, the network is still expanding which, in turn, draws the attention of brands, as every company now wants to sell on Instagram.

But how to sell on Instagram?

What are the best practices for making this social network profitable for a company?

Thinking about it, we separated tips to help you sell on Instagram. Find out now what they are and ensure the success of your company.

Posts for bio

One of the first elements that the Instagram user will see about your company is its bio. Therefore, you need to know how to make the most of this space, as it will be your business card. The main feature of the bio, in addition to describing your company, is to allow the publication of links. This is because this is one of the few Instagram locations that allow the use of this type of access.

  • This function is very useful for placing a redirect to your store or a special promotion. In addition, of course, to use the term “link in the bio” in your posts.
  • Thus guaranteeing an advantage, considering that it is not possible to use clickable links in posts.
  • So, you can make a great product presentation post or execute any other strategy that needs a link. Thus boosting the company’s results.

Migrate to the business account

The commercial account enables a set of advanced features targeted at companies. For example: analyzing data, creating ads, and using metrics, making important brand decisions. With this functionality, it will be much easier to define the most assertive strategies for your brand. As you schedule instagram posts free you can find the best choices right there.

Produce relevant content and post regularly

Posting relevant content regularly is the key to maintaining a good reach on your posts. The first step in defining what that content will be is to study your customers and followers. Check what type of post they are most interested in and try to incorporate that into your brand. Take care not to run away from your segment. Your company needs to maintain its personality. Otherwise, there will be little conversion to your strategies.

Also, produce images with good quality. This is extremely relevant, since Instagram is a network that values ​​this type of content a lot.

Study your competition

Selling on Instagram, as well as gaining more customers on this network, requires effective actions. Thus, understanding how other companies act is an opportunity to learn more about the market. Doing so can give you great insights, in addition to helping you communicate as a company. What contributes to the creation of increasingly efficient strategies for converting into sales. Therefore, identify which are the best attitudes of each brand and adapt it to your business model.

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