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Guy Galboiz Shares Tips for Choosing Best eCommerce Platform for Business

There are many ecommerce platforms you can choose for your business. Here are tips shared by Guy Galboiz to help you choose the best platform.


In the digital age, it’s essential to take your business online. You need a reliable ecommerce platform for that. An ecommerce platform is a software solution that enhances online businesses to seamlessly manage their site, sales, marketing, and processes. In other words, the platforms aim to offer best customer experience, improve efficiency and create growth opportunities for businesses. There are many platforms such as Shopify, WooCommerce, Magneto, among others to choose from. It isn’t easy to choose the best platform ideal for your business. However, with the following Guy Galboiz tips, it will be much easier. Read on to learn more.

Pricing or cost of ownership

The first thing you need to consider is the price of each ecommerce platform. You need to look at the pros and cons of the platforms. Most platforms offer their platforms in packages on a monthly or yearly basis. Apart from the licensing fees, other costsmay be added such as maintenance and hosting costs. You need to choose a platform based on your budget and objectives. However, you should not sacrifice some features you need for a lower price. 


You want an ecommerce platform that can allows you to market, sell, handle transactions and do much more. As such, you need a platform with certain plugins and integration capabilities. A good platform should have accounting, payment and shipping, email marketing, customer loyalty programs and 3rd party digital tools plugins for easy integration. Such a platform will make it easy to run your business. 


In today’s digital era, hackers and fraudsters are all over waiting for an opportunity to hack your site and get access to vital information, including customers’ bank details. It is important to note that a security breach can damage your trust and reputation. For that reason, you should choose a platform with a robust security system that detects and protects your online store against fraud. 

Speed and scalability

Speed is key in the success of your online store. If your store takes a long time to load, you may lose many potential buyers. Buyers want a store with a lightning speed. If the platform you choose is slow, buyerswillbuy from your competitors with high speed platforms. High speed offers memorable customer experience. Besides, you should choose a platform that grows along with your business.

Store functionality and ease of use

A good ecommerce platform should be easy to use for you and the customers. The best platforms should have an advanced product management system to ensure buyers have a memorable shopping experience. Such a platformshould have features and functions such as categorization, shipping options, dynamic filters, wish list, bulk product upload, recently viewed, and other advanced features.

Mobile friendliness

Many people are using their mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets to search for products online. Most of these people end up buying from their mobile devices. As such, it is essential to go for a platform that allows customers to access your online store and make a purchase using a mobile device. 

Who is Guy Galboiz? 

Guy Galboiz is an internet marketing expert with vast experience. He is also an investor and has founded several startups such as Protonix, B-Capital and ClickLogiq, just to mention a few. Besides, he is a successful entrepreneur in the FinTech field. Guy’s group of companies focuses on SaaS CRM platforms, online marketing monetization, and online FinTech lending and trading platforms.

Final Words 

There are many ecommerce platforms you can choose for your business ranging from Shopify to Magneto. Consider the above tips shared by Guy Galboiz, and you will choose the best platform ideal for your business. 

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