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How to Migrate GroupWise Mailboxes to MS Outlook/ Office 365


With the rising popularity of Office 365 of Microsoft, more and more people are going for the Outlook in case of reading the emails. This is the email reader that is proper in every step. At the same time, it is also true that the change from Outlook to Office 365 is quite easy.

In fact the process of migration from Novel GroupWise to Office 365 is far complicated than this process. There are several issues related and step by step such issues are addressed. Here is a step by step analysis of the migration from GroupWise to Outlook.


There are mainly 3 steps.

In the first part we discuss about the reason of migration from GroupWise to PST

The preference shown to Outlook over GroupWise is basically due to the fast that Outlook is more reliable. At the same time, the tool is much easier in managing and it is apt in the delivery of the max uptime. The security is much stronger there as well. On the other hand GroupWise is hardly accessible from any kind of computer. PST files are much smoother in moving. GroupWise maintenance cost is also quite high. For cost and installation this is to be considered now.

What To Do before you initiate the migration

Adequate planning and strategies are required for the migration. Counting the number of mailboxes, assessment of the data as well as the preparation of the migration, all these should be done. A proper converter needs to be chosen in case of the proper conversion. In this respect, third party tool like GroupWise to PST converter tool is the best choice in performing the complete conversion without any risk.

With This We Enter the Third Stage

  • To make the conversion at first you need to create on user account for each and every mailbox
  • After that you have to create the .prf file for each of the years and save all.
  • New folders should be made and named.
  • Several restriction rules should be made and the tasks will be carried out accordingly.
  • Applied rules are needed to change.
  • Use Stellar Converter for GroupWise to make the conversion from one account to the other. At the time of the conversions, the mails should be untouched.

Post creation of the PST files, you can uninstall the GroupWise and reboot the machine. Clean up the system and make the installation of MS Outlook. Configure the .prf file and finally make the import of the PST file.

The manual options are always there for the proper migration. However, if you want to make it easier, then it is for sure that the use of the third party inclusions is most useful.

In that manner, you will hardly have any threat of data loss and the files will be converted and stored in their right areas. It will be much simpler and much better in all its ways. The software is also compatible with Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007 & 2003. User canalso directly export GroupWise mailbox to Office 365.

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