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How to monitor teens activities through spy software

Are you looking forward to spying on your teens android phone activities? You may be curious about teen’s activities all day long on their phones. Obviously, parents often think that why teens always seem busy on their android phones in texting, make long calls, shared media files on social media apps such Facebook, Yahoo, Tinder, line, Vine and plenty of others alike. Don’t take tension and scratch your head, you can simply need a help of the technology to sort out your worries and get to know the secret activities of teens on android phones. All you need to do is to use the android spying app on your teen’s phone.

Install spy phone android on teen’s smartphone

First and foremost, subscribe for the android tracking spyware and you will receive an email with the credentials. Now install the cell phone spy app for android on teen’s mobile phone. Once you have completed the installation procedure successfully, and then activate it on target android phone, but before doing the activation you will have an option, either you want to track teens secretly or not. Further, use all the credentials and get access to android monitoring software online control panel. Now it is time to use the android spying tools.

How android surveillance tools work?

After getting access to the Android spyware for phone’s dashboard, then visit the particular feature that you really want to use to track the particular activity of teens on android. Visit the feature and create a command and then send it to the target cell phone of Android OS. Once the sent command has received on the target phone of android, it will start working and you can visit the information from the Android web portal and so on.

Monitor teen’s android phone

Use IM’s social media

You can monitor trendy social media apps running on the teen’s Android smartphone. You can view IM’s logs, text conversations, shared media files such as photos and videos and you can remotely listen to the voice calls sent or received through teen’s phone.

Spy live calls

You can track all live calls incoming or outgoing by using the hidden call recorder of the android phone spy app. you can record and listen to all calls and then further save it over the internet.

Android phone bugging

You can hack the MIC of the target android cell phone by using the MIC bug of the Android spyware and record and listen to the surround sounds and voices. Moreover, a user can view the live visuals of teen’s android phone surroundings through the spyvidcam bug and last but not the least capture images with the camera bug app of the cell phone monitoring software.

Remotely control teen’s android phone

Parents can remotely control the android cell phone of teens fully in such a way that they can view installed apps. Furthermore, they can block incoming calls from strangers, block text messages and even block the internet when needed.

Capture screenshots remotely

You can capture the screenshots of android phone screen remotely and can view what really teens are lurking on. It means parents can peep into the secret activities of teens on the android phone screen with the remotely screenshots.

TOS spy 360

If parents want to spy on android phones of teens in real time, then they can use spy 360 surround listening. It empowers parents to listen and record live surround conversations and sounds. Furthermore, you can see live visuals of the surround on teen’s Android cell phone by using the spy 360 live camera streaming. However, it is also possible to share the screen of the target Android smartphone into android spyware control panel by using the spy 360 live screen sharing.

Track teen’s location

You can track the teen’s location with the help of GPS location tracker. It allows a user to view the current and exact location of teens; weekly location history and parents can mark safe and restricted boundaries for teens.

Read text messages and emails

You can remotely view and read text messages sent or received on target android phone by using the text messages spy and read emails remotely on the target Android phone of your teens.


Parents can protect teens and get to know the hidden activities happen on android cell phones. Parents just need to use the android monitoring spyware and forget all the reservation they have about teen’s safety.


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