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In need of an API? SportMonks!

Are you in search of a new provider of sport data feeds? Well, that search is over now. There is no need to look further cause SportMonks is the best provider when you are looking for fast and reliable sports data for an affordable price. SportMonks have achieved a rapid growth thanks to their providing of the best API’s that are available on the market. SportMonks main focus is their customer support, they want to provide the best support there is to make sure their customers are a hundred percent satisfied with their API. At this very minute the biggest API they have is their football API, but more sports are coming soon. Right now they also have a formula 1 and cricket API and they are currently testing their basketball API. Are you curious about SportMonks and their API’s? Keep reading, we are going to tell you everything you need to know about them.

SportMonks’ football API

When you’re website or app is all about football, the SportMonks football API is the right choice. When you use their API you will benefit from all the services SportMonks has to offer. You will not only get fast and accurate live scores and events, but you can also look into extensive statistics per player, team and season. While SportMonks offer the most accurate and advanced football data, they offer their API’s for a fair and affordable price. SportMonks makes sure their football API is easy to implement in any website or app. Do you need help? Contact their customer service. SportMonks focusses on the best customer support one can get and with success: their customer support is not only friendly, but extremely fast. This way they make sure their customers are a hundred percent satisfied. The SportMonks football API provides information about more than a thousand football leagues all over the world. You can chose to show the biggest leagues there are, like the European Champions League, but you can also show smaller, local leagues on your website or app. 

The best customer support available

One of the biggest benefits of using an API from SportMonks, is their customer support. Whenever there is something wrong with your API or you’re not sure how to implement is, you can contact their customer service. For all the questions about their API you can send them an email or fill in the form on their website. But you can also choose to contact them via social media platforms Facebook and Twitter. Are you curious about the API’s? Visit their website for more information or contact them directly. Their customer support is super friendly, fast and are happy to help you out with all your questions.