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MS Windows 11 Choices That you Need to Know Now

Microsoft’s extreme reimaginings of Windows have traditionally failed, with Windows 8 being the most recent and severe illustration of this tendency. However, after putting Windows 11 through its paces on my own computer, I’ve found that, despite the user interface being very different, it doesn’t take very long to learn how things function. It was excellent of Microsoft’s Chief Product Officer, Panos Panay, to stress during the launch event that they didn’t want to turn off Windows’ longtime users (though almost impossible, given the way many people react to change). Windows 11 has a number of new features despite being created with continuity in mind.

Microsoft’s latest operating system, Windows 11

The next operating system upgrade for PCs was released on October 4, 2021. (PCs). Before selecting to upgrade to Windows 11, you should verify that your PC meets the system requirements. Since there are so many different kinds of PC hardware and software, Microsoft estimates that the rollout won’t be finished until somewhere in the middle of 2022. Having gotten that out of the way, we can go on to talking about the most noteworthy updates and improvements.

The New Look of Windows 11

For Windows 11, improvements were made to the UI. The icons on the taskbar have been shrunk and shifted to the middle, much as on Chrome OS; however, the Start button is still positioned to the left. Windows’ interface now has rounded corners like those seen in macOS. We still don’t like how the Taskbar button width is fixed to be so small. Windows 10 makes the taskbar buttons for open programs larger, but the pinned apps’ icons become smaller. When selecting an application to launch from the Start Menu, you no longer need to drag the mouse cursor over the whole screen. This may tilt my preference toward the centred approach. Choosing the microsoft windows 11 home license key is essential here.

An improved implementation of the Fluent Design System’s(Opens in a new window) trademark transparency, animations, and clean icon design. This is because Microsoft intended to include the Fluent Design System in Windows 10, but ultimately did not. In addition to the previously existing clear material known as Acrylic, two new materials have been added: Mica, an opaque substance that takes on a slight tint depending on the colour of the background, and Smoke, which darkens other sections to direct your attention to a vital input zone. These materials tune themselves to fit the dark mode, which seems to have a more consistent look.

All-new Widgets in Windows 11

The popularity of widgets is on the rise again. Widgets have been a focus for Apple in iOS 14 and iPadOS 15, while Microsoft’s News and Interests panel in Windows 10 is an attempt to revive desktop widgets. The widget system was improved in iOS 14, and Microsoft toyed with the idea of reintroducing desktop widgets. However, the widgets in Windows 11 take this idea and run with it. New widgets, powered by AI for personalization and Edge for rendering, provide a curated stream of information on a wide range of subjects, from the stock market to the weather to traffic to sports and beyond. The Widgets panel will eventually be expandable to fill the whole screen, and external content creators will be able to make advantage of this feature in future editions.

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