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Need Extra Encryption in Advanced Digital Age of Texting

In the technologically advanced digital age, many health practitioners are now getting HIPAA compliant so that they can interact with their patients with ease. It is true that text messaging is the easiest option to be used for communicating some information to the patient. Some specific security standards are being set by HIPAA in case a doctor contacts its patient through texts. The mode of communication must adhere in order to protect the data from getting breached. The telebehavioral health professionals are counted as the entities which are HIPAA compliant and comes under the regulations.

The HIPAA compliant texting enables the health practitioners to contact the patient as they deal with the direct treatment of them. In the place, a secure safeguard must be there to protect any patient’s health information. The demographic information of the patient can be used for the identification of the patient like social security number, insurance ID, email, etc.

Understanding the Reasons for Getting HIPAA Compliant

The main reason to grasp behind the HIPAA compliant texting is that malicious third party probably the hackers may try to access the data that is sent via text which is non-encrypted. If a sensitive PHI information is shared regarding a patient without encryption, then this could pose a threat to the privacy of the patient. 

Hence for the precaution, the mobile user must be HIPAA compliant for protection from the hackers and threat to the data breach.

Better Approach for Patient Care

It is the era of digitization and it is time that the health sector should also get advanced. If you are a telebehavioral health practitioner, then you should start using Text appointment reminder which automates the communication by sending the customizable texts and voicemails to the patients. A friendly way of sending a reminder about the appointments.

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