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One of the best alternatives to Upwork Team App

Countless websites provide freelancing. Among numerous freelancing websites available today, Upwork was one of the platforms among all these and was a huge success in this genre. It has a base of almost a million employees and also had millions of freelancers attached to it. The company had applications and software for tracking time and effort to improve team productivity and make them more efficient.  Even though it was a largely popular app it still had some features that were not good or straight unavailable which made users search for an alternative.

If you are searching for software that has a user-friendly interface and is not complex to use. The software that is used an internet monitoring software for the business itself. There are plenty of alternatives available on the internet. But work examiner is one of the best if you are looking for efficient monitoring software. The work that the work examiner will do now is to monitor the employees and ensure the success and smooth running of a business.

Work Examiner – An internet monitoring software for employee

Monitoring of the employees

This intelligent and precise monitoring will help evaluation of employees and there are switchable options that will necessarily help software to run in incognito mode.

 Managing the staff

Work examiner the employee monitoring software is not limited to track but you can make rules and regulations, block and schedule depending on what you expect from employees. The access you provide to employees is completely in the employer’s hands.


This software also records and takes video with 1fps to track user activities so that it can be seen in the future.


The software is smart and alert and will provide all the necessary notifications if a particular rule or regulation is violated. The video might be linked to the notification too.


The activities that are analyzed are then converted to reports summarizing the productivity stats, scores regarding productivity, and time that was incorporated into that activity. The reports are sent to email and in PDF and CSV file format.

 Filtering of content

Access to certain websites and applications can also be restricted or prohibited according to the employer’s needs. This will lead to employees focusing on the word rather than spending more idle time.

If you don’t want to use Upwork Team App then there is an excellent alternative in the name of Work Examiner that will cater to monitoring needs and also increase the efficiency.