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Sweet Face Camera App

Are you looking for perfect selfie Android Camera app that has funny face filters like on Snapchat? Try Sweet Face Camera. This camera app has many live funny face filters, cute stickers, camera effects and more. You can try those filters on live with selfie camera or main camera. Support all most all Android phones and tablets. You can use this camera app as the default camera since its snap photos and videos so perfectly and nicely. 

Capture or snap sweet selfies with dog filter, cat filter, rabbit filter, angel wings, and many other trending filters that are available for free. You can take wonderful picture and videos with those filters. Most importantly those filters are live filters. You can apply and change your object, focus or lighting to get perfect photos. Easily snap HD photos with HD Camera features.

Features of Sweet Face Camera App

Below show major features of this camera application. You can download this Android Camera app from Google play store for free. All you have to do is open play store and search this camera app name. First results will be this app.

Funny Stickers – You will find over 2800 cute animal face stickers like vocation, animal, tattoos and etc. Snap nice selfies and shoot videos using those live animal face stickers. You can bring some fun to normal selfies and videos using this app. Enjoy, laugh and be creative with those filters and stickers.

Live Funny Faces – Change your face to something that is funny and interesting with filters like on Snapchat. Has funny animal faces like cute cats, nice dogs and etc. You can add nice photo filter top of those funny faces to make them nicer and more interesting.

Many Face Filters and Effects – Choose your filter based on the situation like food, scenery, portrait and more. Face filters helps to make you automatically beautiful like adding a makeup or retouch using a photo editor. All those beautifications done instantly and live. Snap perfect selfies by choosing free effect and face filter.

Real Time Beauty Filters and Effects – You may have spent lots of time editing raw photos to remove skin flaws, adding glow to eyes, skin and more. No more hard working with Sweet face camera app. You can use inbuilt beauty filters that automatically remove skin flaws like acenes, pimples, blemishes and more for free. It also adds effects like sparkly eyes, white teeth and more to make you glow and beautiful. You can add those effects while snaping the photo. So, you can select best scene, lights and focus mode to get perfect selfies using all those filters and effects.