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The Best Online PC Gaming Platforms

With the amount of time people are now spending at home, finding new and engaging ways to keep themselves entertained becomes more and more difficult. No matter how many hobbies you have, it’s always nice to have something to do that you can never get tired of – something that continuously evolves with your taste, and gives you something new to do.

There are fortunately a lot of ways for people to do this online, and to make the service cheaper, you might want to opt for a TV Internet package.

One of the best ways for anyone to keep themselves entertained is through gaming. PC gaming, in particular, is becoming increasingly popular in the gaming community, because of its versatility and affordability. A lot of people prefer to get a PC rather than a console now since there is so much more you can do using a PC.

There are certain platforms that you must know about before you can become a PC gamer; these will help you find and download your favorite games, keep you updated on the latest releases and make everything a lot more convenient. The following are some platforms through which you can access all the games you may want to play.


Possibly the most popular mention in this list, Steam is one of the biggest video game distributors on the internet. Since its creation, the website has expanded so much that it now has nearly all different versions of games available, as opposed to how it used to only have the original ones at first. They also have third-party games now, which makes their collection one of the largest on any platform.

There are different filters on Steam, using which you can browse for games. This includes price, genre and popularity. You can find the type of game you like, and then purchase and download it right from the app! All you need is enough space on your PC and the right specs for whatever game you want to play, and you’re good to go.

Epic Games

You may have heard about Epic Games before since they are the distributors of one of the most popular games in the world right now: Fortnite. Epic Games is known for a lot of other popular games as well, and also due to the fact that they often give away a lot of high-end games for free. You just need to have notifications on, so you’ll know exactly when the game is available for free since it’s only for a limited time.

What makes Epic Games slightly better than other platforms in certain ways is the fact that aside from developing actual games, they also develop game engines. This gives them a greater budget, more opportunities to collaborate, and popularity in the community, since exclusive games are available much sooner and more easily.


GOG is different than the other two mentions in the list because not only do they distribute games, they also have films as a part of their collection. There is a collection of free, easy to access games that can be downloaded to any computer, but the collection isn’t as diverse and exclusive as the other sources. While GOG hasn’t been very active in recent years, they have rights to games like The Witcher, which gives them a certain level of credibility to this day, despite them being inactive for so long.


PC gaming is an amazing way to pass your time, especially if you’ve been gaming for a while. It allows for much better customization, and unlimited options to work on your gaming skills. Furthermore, if you’re a professional gamer, a PC will make it much easier to shoot, edit and post your content; you can even stream live to an audience for better reach! These factors make PC the perfect choice for any gamer.