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The Journey from Industry 3.0 to Industry 4.0

The whole industrial world has come a long way from where it started it’s a journey. They started from scratch and now have created a brand in the global market just by improving them self-time to time by keeping the needs of the era. And now, the new generation found new Industrial Solutions which will take the world to a new era.

Industry 3.0 or the third industrial revolution is still going in some industries. People are trying to automate their systems to break the link which exists between labor and manufactured goods. Different kinds of Electronics and IT systems have been used in this process. PLCs or rather Programmable Logic Controllers in every existing factory shows the beginning of the third industrial revolution.

The plot for the fourth industrial revolution was made that very day. Industry 4.0 focused on the betterment of software. The fruit of that hard process is today’s is known as the Industrial Internet of Things or IoT. It truly changed the world of industry. The communication between factories and IT systems were improvised and surely it got better. OEE or Overall Equipment Effectiveness and remote monitoring of predictive maintenance can be summarized by two words, business optimization.

Meticulous Difference Between the Two Revolution

The third industrial revolution began in the first computer era. It is obvious that technology was not so smart those days as it is now. Around the 1970s the third revolution involved Information Technology and several electronic systems for automation in manufacturing. By the grace of renewable energy and internet connectivity, the automation process did grow successfully. But it was not the ultimate success, because help was still needed for input and intervention.

The fourth revolution fills the gap there was no need for human beings anymore. Now it was the era of smarter machines, flexible storage facilities, and superfine production facilities. Machines could exchange information autonomously; no human intervention was necessary. Cognitive computing, cloud computing, cyber-physical system, etc. these are the key factors that helped industry 4.0 to grow. 

Human brains are always in search of something new. That’s why the talk of industry 5.0 has already begun. Reports say that industry 5.0 will be about bringing back human beings to machines. It will be interesting to see what new Industrial Solutions will be brought by the fifth industrial revolution. Keep the purpose of production efficiency, surely human beings and machines will find a way to work together in the future.