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Using the Concept of Virtual Staging? Read This!

If you are thinking of adopting the concept of virtual staging and you think you have all the knowledge about it, there are still a few things that you need to know. Even if you don’t want to spend time on learning a lot of things about it since, in the end, you are going to assign this task to a virtual staging company and get the tasks done from the same, there is one thing that you have got to learn about it because this is very important for all those professionals who get their properties “virtually staged” to boost their sales:

Below the pictures or videos, you have to mention that they are a work of the concept of virtual staging.

If you don’t do this, you can be sued in the coming time by those who buy your property, looking at its pictures that are a beautiful work of creativity and not reality. You can be sued for misguiding the customers, as well as the audience, if you do not mention below the pictures or videos that the property does not actually look like the same, but it is virtually staged.

If you have virtually staged your property, it is important for you to mention the same or else:

  • The audience might think that they are going to pay the amount not only for the property, but also for the furniture. They might think they are going to get the furniture and home décor items at the price that’s mentioned. In reality, the price that you mention in the advertisement is only for the property and not for the items, since they do not exist for real and are a work of computer software.
  • The audience might think that the property looks exactly like the pictures. However, in reality it is bland and thus, the audience has the right to know about the same. Always give a clearer picture to the audience so that they do not come to you with hopes you cannot fulfill.

When you mention the truth below virtually staged pictures and videos, the audience comes with the same kind of mindset. People are prepared to see bland floors and a vacant property, instead of finding all those furniture and home décor items that you otherwise see in the pictures.

Always make only those promises to your customers that you can keep for sure!


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