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What are some of the best Rabb.it alternatives?

Generally, Rabb.it was the platform that was used to watch videos and can chat with your friends and random people without sitting together. People can chat with them and can also do voice calls. But in July 2019, the whole assets are acquired by Kast and Rabb.it goes shut down.

From that time, people are searching for the best streaming sites like Rabbit to watch videos. So today in this blog, we will tell you some best alternatives for Rabb.it.

Best Alternatives Of Rabb.it

Here is the list of best alternatives of Rabb.it that can be used to watch your favorite videos online. So here we go:

# Kosmi

Kosmi provides you to stream videos of Netflix and Amazon prime with your friends. The main feature is that there is no need to sign up, you can directly create a room and chat with your friends. There is also an option of a public group where you can interact with random people. Here you can play the poker on a table with your friends.

# Watch2gether

This platform also allows you to connect with your friends with pit sign up. You just have to create a room and can enjoy yourself with your friends. You can watch Amazon Prime, YouTube, and Dailymotion with your friends, but the only disadvantage is that you can not access Netflix. Here you can also listen to songs on Soundcloud and watch Twitch Stream Overlays with your friends.

# Together Tube

This is a perfect alternative to Rabb.it, where you can create a private or public group to interact with people. The users in the group can add videos in the group and the other users will vote on those videos. The video which gets more votes will play the next. There are a lot of great features on this platform. Here you can change the room name in settings and can also restrict other users to vote on videos.

# Rave

Rave is a great alternative that provides services that a user can share their videos with friends or relatives. You can also share it with your mobile devices. Here you can also share your videos from your Google drive.

Rave supports almost every Android device and iOS and this platform includes YouTube, Vimeo, Viki, and Reddit.

# myCricle.Tv

In this platform, there is no need to register to use their service. You can directly create your group and add the people whom you want to join. The interface of this platform is quite easy, anyone can use it. You can stream videos from many other websites. You can also upload your videos from Google Drive and you can also share the link of videos through Twitter or Facebook.

# Synaptop

It is also a great video streaming service where you can watch and share videos with your friends. The only thing is that you have to create a free account to use their services. After adding, now you have to add the apps so that you can watch videos and listen to music. There is no need to download anything, you will get the list of movies on the website.


So these are the proper alternatives of Rabb.it, you can enjoy with your friends by streaming videos together. The great features on these platforms will never let you down.

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