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What are the pros and cons of buying Blu-ray players?

Blu-ray is an optical disc format available in the market to offer outstanding recording, playback and rewriting HD video, just like the latest mobile devices. It comes with unprecedented features and its main uses include storing PlayStation video games and high definition videos, etc.

There is no doubt that future DVDs or HD format war has been a loss to customers. With the introduction of high definition DVD movies and CD discs came to market in 2007, the cloud of uncertainty has impacted heavy on these formats. With Toshiba’s withdrawal from manufacturing PC drives and DVD players, the war has come to an end as people are opting for blu-ray players.

Let us consider both advantages and disadvantages of purchasing a blu-ray player.


Great quality pictures: The definition of HD means nothing but awesome quality images. You can spend some time in big box store or electronics department to notice the difference in clarity. If you’re looking for a home theatre kind of experience, you can count on HD blu-ray player.

Reasonable price: If you are planning to upgrade from traditional DVD setup, you can find a range of options in blu-ray player for as low as $200. Some of the top choices include Panasonic DP-UB9000, Sony UBP-X800, Pioneer UDP-LX500, and Xbox One X, etc.

Features to play with: Do you prefer a simple player used just to watch movies? Hope not, as these blu-ray players are capable of doing much more than that. For example PlayStation3 allow you to play games, also letting you to play music or view pictures and you can also browse the internet meanwhile.

Pleasant to watch Blu-ray movies: Since these players come with the larger disc size, you need not think of where to store new movies or extra footages or documentaries. Since these days movies are available with a digital copy, you can watch pictures on your PC or portable media player as well.


Expensive: Since it offers a wide range of benefits, expect to shell out more cash. It’s very expensive than its HD DVD counterparts.

DRM: Though blu-ray players offer a high definition experience and crisp picture quality, the digital rights management limits the availability of specific features. If you aren’t in the favor of copy protection limit of DRM, then you may not like blu-ray players.

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