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What Can Affect your Internet Speed

All who use a hi speed internet might have experienced few dull hours, when the browsing speed or the downloading speed were slower than usual, and all you could do is first try to restart the entire system, try after some time, and finally make a desperate call to the customer care. But if we make ourselves aware of all those factors that can affect our internet speed, maybe we don’t face any more trouble in the near future, or can fix up the issues all by ourselves, without having to wait for the technician to ring our doorbell.

As the mechanisms of internet are seeing a fast change in the recent days, the reasons behind its slogging and latency might be different from that of what used to take place a few years back. So, to come out with the most authentic findings, a group of internet users who avail bredbaand.me connection were surveyed to find answers for the above mentioned questions. And we found the answers that made us conclude the following:

Type of Connection

The type of internet connection, you have subscribed for is one of the biggest factors that determines the speed of internet you are going to get. If your bandwidth is fixed or capped that can’t be further widened or expanded will surely slow down the speed of internet, once you are nearing the limit, or if you’ve crossed it. Dialup and DSL internet are the perfect examples of the kinds of connection that face down hours more than any other type. So, if you are still using any of these connection types, its high time you switch to something more advanced, to avoid frequent latency.

Bottle-Necked Traffic

Even if you are using the latest internet technologies like cable or fiber optic, the chance for your internet speed getting slower can’t be totally avoided. It is because of more data are passing through the bandwidth at the same time, which we call as peak hours, or traffic congestion, wherein the amount of data used by several users in a network at the same time can cause the data take longer time to get transmitted.

Hence people experience slower speeds on the internet in the office areas, but the same can also happen in your home network, if many family members are using the same connection at the same time, or if any particular user is watching a video or playing a heavy-duty online game.

Equipment Failure

Like any other mechanisms, the internet speed is dependent upon the functionalities of certain equipment. It could be the wire, the cable, the router, the modem or the antennae connected to the devices. It could be even the remote device which is currently at fault. To make sure, you have to restart each and every component one by one and find out the one causing the delay.

Distance from the ISP Hub

If your office or home is too far away from the ISP (hub), it will take longer for the data to get transferred from the internet to reach your devices.

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