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What Customers Want From An eCommerce Website

As every good online marketing company should, a digital agency in Auckland has been doing their research about what consumers want to see in eCommerce websites. After all, if the sites don’t offer what the people want, why be online at all? The digital marketing agency discovered five big things that potential clients want to see and, unsurprisingly, these things remain unchanged from similar research carried out some years ago,

  • It’s all about the deal. First and foremost, potential customers want to see something that promises to deliver real value. One study revealed that 79 % of respondents stated that a limited-time sales offer is the most important factor for them while shopping. And 85 % indicated that an email with a coupon code would convince them to come back to an abandoned shopping cart. Furthermore, a study by Price Waterhouse Cooper found that 56 % of consumers are more likely to buy from a website instead of a physical store when prices are lower.
  • Real reviews. Most people visit an eCommerce site as a pre-purchase research exercise and a big part of that is checking reviews. Real reviews. Authentic reviews. Genuine reviews. In one survey, 50 % of people said “great reviews” can make a significant and positive difference in their purchasing decisions. However, we guarantee that almost 100 % of customers can spot a fake review a mile away; a giveaway is a lot of glowing testimonials left on the same date and using similar language, syntax, words etc. One genuine review will always speak louder than 100 fake ones.
  • Easy product returns. A lot of people prefer to deal with bricks and mortar retail outlets because they believe the product return process will be a lot easier. eCommerce websites that make this course of action free or easy can stand to gain. Data from one survey revealed that the potential to do free returns persuades 65 % of customers to buy from websites instead of High Street retailers, and easier returns motivate about 50 % of respondents to buy online.
  • A more personal shopping experience. While bricks and mortar stores sell themselves as the place to go for a more personal shopping experience, things like Artificial Intelligence, machine learning and big data can leverage information to make a stronger connection with online shoppers. A recent retail study saw 54% of respondents saying they wanted offers that were customized to their tastes and personal preferences, while 44% said the product recommendations they see were not relevant. There’s room for improvement here, but online retailers who place a greater emphasis on understanding what their customers want will profit.
  • Free or speedy shipping. Last but not least. Shipping and online shopping are uneasy bed partners in an age where the consumer wants everything right now, if not yesterday. Most eCommerce retailers are listening to these demands and doing something about it by offering sweeteners like free shipping, or same day dispatch. With 85 % of customers saying they’ve abandoned shopping carts because of slow or expensive shipping, any site that eases those pain points could gain a loyal and devoted following.

Put these five things together and you have a winning recipe for eCommerce success. And, as any good digital agency will tell you, a fast-loading and responsive site will further boost your reputation as an online retailer who understands what their customers want. Here’s more on how to start an eCommerce business the right way.

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