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What You Need To Know About Automated Penetration Testing

If you own an online business, it’s time to take a look at your security. You may be thinking that this is something you’ll get around to someday, but the reality is that there are people attacking websites every day. Don’t get left behind, read on for some information on automated penetration testing and find out what steps you can take today.

What Is Automated Penetration Testing?

Penetration testing involves actively trying to hack your website in an automated fashion. It’s a good way to check what flaws might exist on your site. This improves the overall security of your business.

An automated penetration test is much quicker than hiring a third party to try manually. Since automated pentesting can cover many different security techniques, it can detect issues that might take human testers much longer.

How to choose the right tool for your pentest needs

There are automated pen-testing tools you can download from the Internet. There are also security scanning services that will do your automated pentesting for you. It’s a good idea to research automated security scanning services and automated pen testing tools to see which would be best for your business needs.

No matter what automated penetration testing services you choose, they’ll need to pass specific criteria within your industry. If you’re a bank, you might have different standards than someone running a social media site. In any case, the automated security analysis is faster and more thorough than manual analysis, so it’s worth looking into.

Some Popular Automated Pentesting Tools

Automated penetration testing services will look at your website using automated software tools to see if it’s vulnerable.

If the automated pentesting service doesn’t find any issues, then they’ll pass on information about your site to other customers. They might be able to take advantage of this information.

1) Metasploit

Metasploit is an automated pen-testing tool that came out in 2003 and it’s used by security professionals and hackers alike. It can run on multiple operating systems. It uses a console interface which means that it’s easy to navigate and uses automated pen-testing tools.

This automated penetration testing tool has frequent updates. It also comes with automated exploits, so you can find vulnerabilities fast.

2) Nessus

Nessus is an automated penetration testing tool and is a popular automated pen-testing tool. It’s used for pentesting and vulnerability assessments, so it has plenty of automated pen-testing tools you can work with. It’s considered to be an automated pen-testing service industry standard.

3) Nexpose

Nexpose is another security scanning solution that businesses use for automated vulnerability assessments and automated penetration testing. It includes automated pen-testing tools such as Nessus and many more that you can use to test your network.

4) Nmap

Source: nmap.org

Nmap is an automated pen-testing tool that includes automated port scanning, network discovery, and more. It’s used by security professionals for automated vulnerability assessments and automated pentesting. It can also scan the network at regular intervals in order to track changes.

5) OpenVAS

OpenVAS has an automated vulnerability database and automated reports, so you can see all of your automated pentesting results in one place. This automated tool is free and open-source software, which means that it doesn’t cost any money to download or use it. It works by scanning for vulnerabilities and then creates automated reports on the findings.

How Does Automated Pen-testing Make Life Easier?

One thing about automated penetration testing is that it’s much faster than manual tests. There’s a lot more threat data being collected these days, so automated tools can analyze it and detect flaws in a matter of hours rather than weeks or months as was the case a decade ago.

In addition, automated pen-testing allows you to keep up with the latest online security threats. There are automated pentesting tools that will work even on mobile devices, so you can ensure your customers’ data is secure from new hacks as they crop up.

Automated Penetration Testing Budget

Be sure that your automated pen-testing tool is within your automated security analysis budget. Some automated tools are very expensive but they’re worth the automated purchase because you can use automated penetration testing services from multiple companies whenever needed.

It will cost more than automated free and open-source automated tools, and it’s up to you whether or not the price is worth it for automated pentesting services. Check to see if there’s a money-back automated guarantee so that you know the automated pen-testing tool won’t be a waste of money in case it doesn’t work as promised for automated security analysis needs.

Final Thoughts

All in all, automated penetration testing is a great way to quickly identify security vulnerabilities and protect your data. Further, it also helps in doing web application security testing. It will be interesting to see how the market evolves as more companies adopt this technology, but for now, it seems like one of the best ways you can keep your company’s information safe.

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