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Why You Shouldbuy gmail accounts

If you use Gmail on a regular basis, you’ve probably come across the sign-up reminder that pops up every 90 days to ask if you want to keep using the same email address, after that, Google requires users to re-sign in with their own username and password in order to access their Gmail account again.

This is especially annoying if you have several different email addresses for business or professional purposes.

Gmail Is Free

The Gmail service is free for all users this means you can make personal email accounts, like those for personal use, and professional email accounts, like those for your business.

You can even use Gmail for your nonprofit organization there are no limits on how many accounts you can create or on how many emails you can send.

For free, you also get 500MB of storage per email account as well as access to Gmail’s other free services like Google calendar, Google docs, and google drive these provide a lot of functionality for free and make it easy to collaborate and communicate between teams and departments.

You Can Use The Email Account For Commercial Purposes

One obvious reason to buy a Gmail address is so you can use it for commercial purposes this can be an excellent way to promote a business or product, including email blasts and email retargeting campaigns with Gmail ads.

You can also use Gmail addresses to send marketing emails like those that collect email addresses or use it to send email newsletters, other reasons to buy a Gmail address include using it as an email address for your own business, like providing a central email address for staff members to communicate with each other or to send out important company communications.

You can also use it for email marketing, like for lead generation or to send subscribers emails about product updates and sales.

New User Protection Program

Another benefit of buying a Gmail address is that it gives you access to Google’s New User Protection Program, this is a service that helps new users like you to sign up for Gmail by verifying their email address plus you can use it on your own end by making sure your new Gmail address is associated with your account. Once you  buy gmail accounts new users will get a verification email that they can respond to finish setting up their account.

Final Words

Buying an email address can be a great way to save some money on your email service many Gmail users might decide to buy a cheap email address to save some money on their email subscription, if you have a Gmail account, you can buy a new email address to use for free.

If you decide to buy a new email address, you can use it for commercial purposes, keep using it after the subscription expires and keep the same address after you buy it.

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