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Youtube Subscriptions and the Easy Solutions for You

YouTube stars have managed to become web celebrities from almost nothing. These are individuals who have managed to build an audience by creating content intended to educate, entertain, assist Internet users in their purchasing decisions, or to inspire.

Most of them maintain a presence on YouTube to satisfy their desire to be entrepreneurial, by creating content and engaging their audience.

While it is often not the urge to make money on YouTube that drives people to start their own channels, people who go down that road are generally delighted to realize that it is indeed possible to monetize their video content. You can also buy cheap subscribers and come up with the solutions there.

How many subscribers do you need to make money on YouTube?

It is estimated that the income of famous youtubers reaches millions, sometimes even tens of millions. The income generated on YouTube varies depending on the orientation of the channel.

Here are some estimates regarding the revenue and audience size of some of the biggest YouTube channels:

That said, smaller chains can also be monetized. Your potential income doesn’t just depend on the number of subscribers and the number of views. Several other factors come into play, such as the level of engagement of your audience, the niche you serve, and the channels of monetization you explore. But that does not mean that the number of subscribers and the number of views do not count.

Before exploring the different monetization strategies on YouTube, you’ll need to clearly define your audience.

Understanding the demographics of your audience

Different monetization options will be available to you if you manage to build your own audience. However, you can only take full advantage of these opportunities by having a clear understanding of the demographic profiles typical of your spectators.

YouTubers looking to monetize their videos should keep this in mind: the channels that serve a niche market are more interested in brands that want to target niche audiences (more on that later).

You can view demographics of your audience.

youtube demographics

You will need to focus on the following criteria in particular:

Gender: the proportion of men and women within your audience (is your audience mainly male or female – or does it include as many men as women?).

Age: the age range in which most of your subscribers fall.

Geographic location: the countries and cities where your video views come from.

Viewing time: the overall level of engagement of subscribers who watch your videos.

  • A combination of the above criteria to paint a more accurate picture of your audience. For example, you could try to find out the number of male spectators in a certain age group.

Last Words

Once you have this demographic data in hand, you will be able to define your audience more precisely. This will be particularly useful if you collaborate with brands. You could also use certain tools (such as Social YouTube channels can be searched on the platform even if the interface is in English) to compare your own channel with third-party channels.

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