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4 Ways Dynamic Linking Helps in Growing Your Business

When you share a link, and when the other person clicks on it, they are redirected to a page or a site that is relevant to the link. But this may cause issues like the page could be in another language they don’t know, or the currency is not native. Such issues may bring down the efficiency of a website for a customer which no business wants. This is where dynamic linking comes in handy. When creating a dynamic link, the SEO experts of digital marketing services program that link to send to your customers according to their behavior.

Here are the rules you can follow when building a dynamic link.


  • Device


When you are planning a campaign, consider the device your target market uses to view the content from. With the help of dynamic linking, a rule can be established that if this link is accessed from a mobile, they it automatically redirects to a mobile optimized page or your app. When you link people directly to your app, it means it combines two aspects: dynamic linking and deep linking. The latter bridges the traditional web link and a mobile app. If their phone doesn’t have the app, they are redirected to their App or Play Store so that they download the app to make the most of the user experience.


  • Country


International campaigns are inclined to varied currencies and time zones which can be difficult to keep up with. And this is why you need to adjust your content accordingly. So, in order to make it easy, you can build dynamic links on the basis of the country and it creates a win win! 


  • Time


There are many time parameters involved that can impact your marketing campaigns. On the basis of the nature of your business, you may need to advertise various products or services at varied hours of the day. When you use dynamic linking, you can shift the landing pages to promotional ones for a particular period of time. If the product or service is not available at a certain period of time, then it becomes the normal page or site. 


  • Language


Various companies have separated their websites on the basis of the language. When planning a campaign, you may need to separate the target market for your ads on the basis of the language and setting the destination link for each of them to be separate. Dynamic linking helps in adding single link to your homepage that will automatically determine the browser settings of the user using the link that will redirect them to a localized page.