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Why should You Use Google Webmaster Tools for SEO Purposes?

Google Webmaster Tools is a set of tools for webmasters that let you interact with Google and adjust the aspects of how it displays your site like use of internal and external links, crawl rate and CTR for every keyword, keywords used and a lot more. The only concerning thing is the privacy. As Google has full access to your site, if confidentiality matters to you, then think twice before you deploy anything on the web. When you use Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics together, it gives amazing results. If you are not sure how to use such tools, hire reliable SEO services to take care of such matters.

How to begin?

To use such a tool, you need to join first. Then, you need to go through a verification process so that Google knows you own the site and want to use Google Webmaster Tools on. There are many ways to verify the ownership. Begin by downloading an HTML file and upload it to the root directory. Then, add the tag to the head of your homepage. When using the same Google account for using Google Analytics, you can also verify your ownership with the same. 

Google Webmaster Tools to use everyday


  • Search queries


This section displays the keywords that will lead the audience to your website. This list entails the keywords being searched by the users when they visit your site. It is a win win case when this list matches with the keywords you are working on. In search query section, also keep an eye on the number of impressions and clicks that gives you an idea about CTR. Higher CTR means relevant keywords, so put in some more efforts. But, if the CTR is down, then don’t work on the keywords.


  • Links


Here the internal and external backlinks and the linked pages can be viewed. Don’t expect that every single link will be displayed, but still the list of backlinks come in handy if you check them often. For professionals, Links section disavow links to your site which are useless and harmful too. Links from bad site can harm your rankings so steer clear of them.


  • Crawl errors


This showcases the errors Google bot found on your site. This is similar to using the Spider Stimulator and also displays the pages that cannot be accessed, server errors, missing pages and all issues that prevented Google from crawling your site correctly. There are many crawl stats as well. 

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