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5 Cinematography Tips you should Learn

Are you a filmmaker, or are you looking forward to making a career in film production? Well, there is a lot you should learn about cinematography.

You need tips that can convert your idea into a salable craft. Cinematography is all about creating your unique craft, developing shots that can uniquely tell your story, and doing what your competitors are not doing in the industry.

According to Mark Murphy Director, the best cinematography comes out when you do whatever it takes to make your story stand out. These are some tips you will need to make your cinematography unique.

1. Go through the script 

As a cinematographer, you should know all about the script before starting the production. Know the script inside out and get used to every moment described in the script.

Most DPs and cinematographers are used to concentrating on the technical aspects of a film only to let the story flop a bit. You want to ensure you are good in both the script and the technical setup of the production.

Make notes of the script and leave some visual notes to help you build the creative aspects of the cinematography. This way, you bring out the filmmaking style and pair it with the story in the film.

2. Learn more techniques 

The more techniques you learn in film production, the better you become in the game. Keep learning new techniques and tips in different aspects of film production.

Once you master all the film production concepts, you will be able to broaden the filmmaking shots and improve your cinematography styles. You can create the production styles that make you stand out from the rest.

3. Develop your shot list

Another thing you should do is to create a shot list so that you choose which lenses to use on every shot. When you have your shot list already organised, you save a lot of time on the set. You will know which exact lens and lighting you need for the production.

4. Focus on the story

The story is king in cinematography. While you might be focusing more on creating new shot angles, you want to ensure it makes your story easy to follow. The shots should fit your story and make it more fun for your audience. Portraying the story should be your primary objective.

5. Create a workflow 

If you want to increase the efficiency of the set, you should develop a workflow. This may sound tedious but more fun in increasing your efficiency and saving you time in the process. 

With a workflow in place, your team will know what you are supposed to do at a particular time and what tools you need for the task. It makes your job easier, leaving your mind to focus more on creativity.

Cinematography is all about telling a story in a way that makes it more entertaining, informative, and captivating. There are more skills you can learn about filmmaking. You have to keep studying and sharpening your skills every day.

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