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Japanese keycaps (Hiragana)are much sought after keycaps in 2021.  They are the ideal way to replace the traditional Japanese style keycaps.  One reason for their popularity could be due to their availability in traditional to modern designs. Have a look at best japanese keycaps here

Some of the best Japanese keycaps are mentioned below:

  1. PUKU PBT KEYS:With a retroaesthetic and an elegant modern take, the Keyset from Puka consists of keys in green, white, maroon. The legends are in white and red sublegends. In addition, it also has other Japanese icons and symbols. Please note that the Keyboard should have a 6.25u spacebar.


  • Molding is grippy, wobble-free, and slight rough rim on the bottom edges
  • Made of PBT thermoplastic, they absorb unwanted sounds
  • The set comes with additional Japanese icons and symbols
  • Compatible with Cherry MX’s, Kailhs, and other switch types with the cross-shaped shaft.
  • SUMGSN – BLACK AND WHITE:  As you might have guessed by now, the layout of the Sumgsn is traditional black and white with a modern twist.  There is a handful of gold keys sprinkled in between to brighten the contrast.  Unlike other keyboards, Sumgsn’s legends and sub-legends come in the same color. Yet, they are legible, lovely, and clean.


  • Made of durable PBT, the keycaps are of top quality
  • Highly resistant to wear and tear
  • Keys are soft, quiet, and have excellent tactile feedback
  • HYEKIT BLUE HELL KEYCAPS:  As the name suggests, the keys come in deep rich indigo color, unlike the rest of the keyboards.  The main important keys, such as ESC, enter key, etc., come with bright white and deep indigo legends.


  • Work best with ANSI layouts and is compatible with most MX switches
  • High-quality PBT is used
  • It comes with an anti-grease coating to ensure fingers do not slide off the surface during fast use
  • Scores high on ergonomics as the caps feel pleasant to use on
  • Printed with dye-sublimated technology to withstand the test of time
  • IDOBAO BLACK SAKURA KEYCAPS: TheIdobao keycaps are inspired by the famous cherry blossoms of Tokyo.  The keys are in jetblack color with contrasting white legends. The smaller sub-legends come in teal color representing the flowers.


  • The keycaps have a DSA profile and feature a non-sculpted uniform profile.
  • Best for keyboards that sit entirely flat on the ground or have a slight typing angle.
  • Made of high-quality PBT plastic, the keys measure 1.45mm thick
  • Printed with dye-sublimation, they’re sure to last long
  • SDYZ TAOISM KEYCAPS: The keyboard layout has a unique feel with a hint of Taoism.   The keys come in many symbolic colors: white, orange, and deep blue.


  • Made of high-grade PBT with extra-thick walls
  • Have a matte texture to give a smoothfeel and deep sound
  • XDA profile has a wide surface area to help rest the fingers


While Japanese Keycaps have been mainly used for decorative purposes, they have still become much sought after among keyboard enthusiasts.So pick the design which suits you the best.

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