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9 Useful Tips To Maximise Your Air Purifier’s Protection

A portable air purifier in Singapore homes acts as a shield for any airborne organisms present. It helps to remove all of the tiny particles of filth you can’t detect but still inhale.

With this, specific functions take place in different parts of your home. The kitchen is for cooking necessities, your bedroom for sleeping, and the living room for family activities.

During these events that happen every day, there are a variety of contaminants in each place, necessitating the need for the best air purifier in Singapore. You have the option of ensuring that the air you breathe is of the highest quality.

Running a portable air purifier in locations where you spend hours can help reduce the number of hazardous particles in the air. However, knowing where to place an air purifier and maximise it can help get the most out of the device.


How To Maximise Your Air Purifier

#1. Choose a location the fits its size

An air purifier comes in various sizes. You can choose from a portable or mini air purifier for your Singapore home or a large size one. It all depends on the need and must-have features to ensure that it functions based on your expectations.

Here are some considerations when choosing your air filter in Singapore:

  • Know the size of the room: Larger rooms necessitate the use of an air purifier capable of removing more pollutants from the air. Single office rooms or bedrooms may only need a portable air purifier in Singapore. The cleaner’s effectiveness may depend on its environment and the place it needs to clean.
  • Check the room function: How you utilise a space might influence the air filter you choose. A mini air purifier for Singapore households may work for private rooms and secluded areas. Cooking and dining in an area with strong scents necessitates different air purifiers such as NXP-X1 or CSP-X1.
  • The number of options for air cleaning: There are areas in your home that may have an open window that can help eliminate smells. However, some houses are under climates that cannot open their windows. Before you choose which best air purifier in Singapore works for you, make sure the room needs it entirely.

#2. Position it in areas close to the contaminant source

The best way to stop an airborne contaminant from spreading is to address its source. An air filter in Singapore is more effective near the root cause. You can eliminate the chances of the bacteria spreading even further inside your home.

However, if you have no prior idea where it is coming from, you may place it near the vents or kitchen tops when cooking.

#3. Never turn it off

Air contaminants flow in your air 24/7. It means that the need for a portable air purifier in Singapore should be working at all times. Make sure you purchase the best air purifier in Singapore that is energy efficient.

Most air purifiers come with an automatic mode. For maximum efficiency, this function controls the fan’s speed. In this way, it can continually trap airborne pollutants without causing much noise or increasing your energy costs.


#4. Schedule your filter replacements

Since it traps dirt, germs and bacteria in the air filter cycle, you must change the HEPA filter regularly. Proper maintenance is the keep to make sure your portable air purifier in Singapore works efficiently.

An average air filter in Singapore should be replaced every 1 to 3 months, depending on the industry standard. However, if you have a cat or a dog who leaves a significant amount of pet dander, you may need to change it every two months.

If in doubt, perform a monthly inspection and replace the air filter if it seems clogged or otherwise unclean.

#5. Keep all air entryways closed

Make sure you shut all your windows and doors before you turn on your air filter in your Singapore home. You will only be wasting energy and electricity if you keep the air circulating that way.

If you prefer natural air coming into your house, you may schedule a time for the air filter. You can open your windows every morning for sufficient ventilation and leave them closed by afternoon and nighttime for the air filter.

#6. Avoid setting it in a room with high humidity

An air purifier functions differently than a dehumidifier for bathrooms. You can set up a portable air purifier in Singapore in your kitchen areas for eliminating smells. However, water use or absorbing moisture may lower the efficiency of your filters.

Fortunately, you may have them both for a higher level of effectiveness. Make sure to place them on the opposite side of the room and set them at their least powerful level to maintain their functionality.


#7. Place it in open areas and spaces

An air filter in Singapore works best if it can function in open areas such as top counters. If you are using a mini air purifier in Singapore, make sure you place it on your table at least a few feet away from you. Ensure it’s not stuck or cornered, and keep it running in a well-ventilated environment.

#8. Have extra filters on stock

There might be circumstances in your air filter that may need immediate change. If you use a portable air purifier in Singapore and bring it everywhere around the house or your car, it is more likely to trap more contaminants.

You may subscribe to get replacement filters or buy them in bulk at least every month.

#9. Keep them away from other appliances

The effectiveness of your air filter in Singapore may be affected by other small devices such as television. Disruption may occur since they all operate in the same function and wavelength. Make sure to avoid proximity for maximum protection.

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