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Buying an iPad – Consider These Things Beforehand

Nowadays, everyone owns top-notch gadgets like laptops and smartphones, but one should not disregard tablets. These gadgets continue to evolve. Today, they appear to be as small and light as larger smartphones. When it comes to performance, tablets are as advanced as laptops, especially when using attachments like keyboard cases. The Apple iPad is one of the best possibilities in this market, but before choosing one, it’s crucial to take a few crucial factors into account.

Take into account the iPad model

Along with multiple new iPad models,  Apple also sells older models of the tablet, which can be obtained in stores and online at various retailers, as well as refurbished or used models.  You can find iPad models like Air, Mini, and Pro. It is a must to thoroughly compare the features and alternatives to find the best one. A perfect example is iPad air, which is lighter and smaller than other iPad models. On the other hand, iPad Pro is known for having the largest screen of all iPad models. iPad mini, true to its name – the smallest and the handiest of all. Though the price varies depending on the model, hence, you should compare price iPad all models (เทียบราคา ipad ทุกรุ่น, term in Thai).

Take into account the storage space you need

The most essential feature of the most recent iPad is that the storage cannot be upgraded. It comes with up to 2TB of built-in storage. When it’s full, it’s full since there isn’t a slot for a microSD memory card. This makes picking the perfect iPad model crucial and daunting. One of the things to keep in mind in this aspect is the content you are going to save on it. It includes apps, movies, and more, such as images. To future-proof the purchase, it is best if you go with iPad which has the highest storage capacity, although it is more expensive than the others.  Having local storage for high-res images, movies, apps, games, and more is beneficial even while cloud storage is an option.

Check the extended warranty service offered by Apple

Customers have the option to purchase Apple’s extended Care+ warranty regardless of the iPad model they are thinking about purchasing. Each iPad comes with a limited warranty that provides hardware repair coverage, but only for a 12-month period. It also includes up to 3 months of technical assistance. Additionally, AppleCare+ can be added on top of it.There is still a service charge ($49 for an iPad) for things like a replacement screen for a cracked screen. Additionally, AppleCare+ offers round the clock priority access to Apple professionals through phone or online chat.

Know the timing when Apple go on sale

New Apple products are often released in September or October; however this does occasionally happen in the summer. The soonest after a newer iPad is released is the optimum time to get one because previous models are likely to go on sale to make room for the new stock.Although Apple products are rarely heavily discounted and typically sell for the same price regardless of the store, there are occasionally special offers during certain holidays. Always keep an eye for great deals, especially if you want to save money.

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