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CMMS: what it is and why your business needs one

Operational obstacles can impede the good performance of companies in maintaining their assets. Sometimes corporate strategy and operational reality are misaligned, and what the corporation plans to achieve is often not what actually happens. While organizations have a plethora of information about their assets, some may still have a surprising lack of knowledge in this area. GMAO (Computerized Maintenance Management System) is there to help you track asset maintenance trends and meet industry challenges. The CMMS technology adjusts all processes within the industry resulting in improved operations, planning, control and performance.

Integrating the maintenance area

By integrating maintenance and purchasing, CMMS facilitates the organization of parts inventory. With Human Resources, the integration helps in the allocation of employees in the area according to their working hours and possible absences.

Using visual aids

With options such as graphic plan, it is possible to visualize all the equipment and pending maintenance orders or progress for each one of them, in a practical and visual way. By applying the logical tree concept, every machine can be managed.

Being available for mobile devices

The mobility is a reality also in the maintenance of assets. Smart phones or tablets speed up the receipt of service requests, which can be registered from anywhere. Thus, it is possible to have a better detailing and planning of daily operations.

Automating asset maintenance planning

With historical data of machinery and equipment, maintenance calendar and problem identification questionnaire, planning maintenance is much easier. This way, you anticipate and reduce corrective maintenance, for example.

Opening, control and closing of work orders

With the opening of work orders via mobile device, as well as the use of this feature by professionals in the area to record activities, it allows for traceability and a real view of the work activities in the team. This way, the scheduling and the allocation of labor is managed.

Helping to manage the asset lifecycle

With the registration and control of everything that happens with the asset, it is easier to plan its preventive maintenance, lubrication, its renovation or even its replacement. That way, you already know the essential expenses to maintain the operational integrity of the assets and avoid maintenance backlog in the future.



Dozens of benefits for the company

CMMS solutions make maintenance management easier by empowering managers with information so they can make the most informed decisions possible. By having a CMMS, your company will have benefits such as –

ü More productivity of the maintenance team,

ü Ideal planning for the acquisition of supplies and spare parts,

ü Drastic reduction in the cost of maintenance,

ü Organization of the maintenance moment,

ü Reduced downtime for machines and professionals,

ü Increased useful life of machines and equipment.


CMMS is software used to schedule and record operations and preventive maintenance activities associated with the equipment in the facility. The CMMS has the ability to prioritize work orders and schedules to perform periodic or planned equipment maintenance. Nevertheless, maintenance software goes far beyond equipment operations. The system provides reports used in managing the organization’s resources to assess the effectiveness of current operations and thereby make organizational decisions.