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Management With CMMS? You Got It Perfectly!

Many businesses are idling or at a standstill. In a period deemed unproductive, it is necessary to use this time to prepare maintenance plans to better resume the resumption of activity. Preventive maintenance represents a multitude of technical operations that have been programmed in advance in order to anticipate certain malfunctions that may occur on the equipment.

As a result, preventive maintenance must comply with regulatory provisions ensuring periodic checks on infrastructure or machines in relation to certain standards. It is also necessary to base oneself on the recommendations of the manufacturer in order to rely on the latter’s guarantee in the event of a breakdown. Preventive maintenance must also take into account the observations during the use of the devices by identifying abnormal technical behavior thanks to feedback from users.

In order to embark on this type of arrangement, the determination of the scope of intervention and the definitions of the maintenance levels remain essential. CMMS  software is considered essential to ensure preventive maintenance of the best possible quality. You must choose a solution adapted to your needs to make maintenance more efficient.

A Range Of Maintenance

A maintenance range defines a set of preventive actions on an infrastructure on a piece of equipment. Regular intervals are thus defined in order to ensure all regulatory and mandatory checks.

Therefore, the maintenance range focuses on the preparatory stages vis-à-vis the execution operation as well as an in depth follows up before restarting the equipment concerned. Again, there are software solutions you can rely on in order to define your maintenance ranges.


To do this, you can use a standard library or directly import the current ranges. Then, the settings are made on the duration and frequency of the intervention. With all of these parameters, you will be able to define your maintenance plans with great ease.

Business Management Software: Facility Management

Facility Management, also known as FM, is not a new concept, but it is now evident in many companies. Indeed, the management of real estate, facilities, general services and furniture are absolutely essential to manage the proper functioning of an organization.

Facility Management makes it possible to do this with great efficiency. However, the definition is still unclear because Facility Management adapts to each area concerned to once again grant more flexibility in management.

Depending on your angle and your sector, the needs in the organization are not the same. Nevertheless, the term can be defined in order to ensure an efficient management vis-à-vis all the services dependent on its facilities and on a site.

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