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Everything You Should Know About Processing Module

The Processing module, which is now and then alluded to as a Computer on Module (CoM) or SBC (Small Board Computer), is intended to plug into a transporter or baseboard, and is by and large a little processor module with a CPU and standard I/O capacity. The unpredictable exertion related to planning a CPU subsystem is stayed away from by utilizing Processing module usefulness and a custom baseboard.

What’s inside the Processing module?

  • Application Processor from top semiconductors organizations like NXP (Freescale), Texas Instruments, Atmel, Qualcomm, Altera
  • Memories both Flash (NAND/NOR) and RAM (DDR2/3)
  • WiFi/Bluetooth
  • Gigabit Phy
  • Audio Codec
  • PMIC (Power Management IC)
  • Touch Controller

Furthermore, all things being equal the Processing module Block Diagram is basically the same or 70% equivalent to a Mobile Phone or Tablet.

Need for Processing modules

Today this sort of inquiry brought over and over up in a large portion of the advancement organizations in light of the fact that the “Need for Speed” and the “Need for IoT” is important for each conversation and fundamentally every section need to add a “Cell Phone” to its application and there are not many organizations on the planet that ability to foster a decent Mobile Phone (Apple, Samsung, LG and so forth) so the clients need to comprehend that they don’t have to “Imagine the Wheel” once more.

Several years prior it was extremely well known to utilize this arrangement in low amount projects so 100pcs to 500pcs each year yet of late where the costs of the Processors dependent on ARM become modest (as a result of the Mobile and Tablet Market that made the Core so cost execution), clients are utilizing the Processing module in 5000 and even 10000pcs each year projects or higher. In this model, the computation for a microchip-based plan with 2 Man Year NRE for equipment, programming, and creation test advancement, Prototypes, and Debug and last is to incorporate the Software Maintenance for another half year. This Vs the expense per unit after this time is around $40 while when utilizing a Processing module, all the Development Cost, Prototype and Debug in addition to the Software upkeep doesn’t cost anything and the cost for the unit is something similar.

Framework on Module Market

The Processing module market can be partitioned severally

  1. Architecture: ARM and x86
  2. Form Factor so on ARM-Based Solution for SMARC, Q7 or Proprietary (Others like COM Express are upheld by x86 and Not ARM-Based)
  3. Operation System Support: Linux, Android, Windows Embedded

The threat for the industry

The principal danger was that the Hardware Engineers can believe that they are not required however this is totally not true since they need and should zero in on the application board and this is their IP (protected innovation) and they don’t have to “develop the wheel” again with the Processor board so they are getting a functioning stage dependent on the most recent Processors in the market from Texas Instruments, Altera, Freescale, Qualcomm, and Atmel. These processors are dependent on the most recent ARM Core from Cortex A5 to Cortex A8 and A9 and the most recent Cores too like Cortex A7 and Cortex A57.