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Get to know DevOps in Development

In the development world, we often use the term DevOps but what is DevOps, here is the discussion

Understanding DevOps

DevOps is a software development and application delivery method that takes a collaborative and integrated approach between the application development (Dev) and application operations (Ops) parts.

The goal of DevOps is to build or develop applications faster.
With increased frequency and with lower failure rates.

The Role of DevOps in the IT Industry

Software and the internet have changed the world and industry, from shopping to entertainment to banking.
Software is no longer just business support but has become an integral component of every part of the business.

Companies interact with their customers through software that is launched as an online service on various devices.
They also use software to improve operational efficiency by changing each part of the value chain, such as logistics, communications, and operations.

DevOps Engineer profession

DevOps Engineers are IT professionals who work with software developers, system operators, and IT production staff to oversee code releases and deployments.
DevOps itself is an acronym for the word development and operations.
This is a practice that aims to combine the process of development, quality assurance, deployment, and integration into a continuous series of processes.
To do this task, a DevOps Engineer must master several popular DevOps tools.

Git is also a popular tool that is widely used by DevOps Engineers.
It has the functionality, performance, security, and flexibility that the development team needs. It also serves as a DevOps tool for essential distributed version-control.

With Git you can track the progress or progress of developing a project and see if there are code changes in the source code.
This of course will really help DevOps Engineers, especially when they have to implement the CI / CD pipeline.

One of Git repository structure best practices is making small and fast product updates.
In the IT industry, this is called a minor/patch update.
By making small product updates, organizations/companies can innovate faster for their products, also can rollback easily if a bug is found that is not covered by automated testing or the QA team. With this practice, organizations/companies can monitor products and get the most valuable data, namely user data.

A product must be monitored to find out how the product is used by users.
In DevOps practice, monitoring is very important.

Communication & Collaboration

One of the main aspects of DevOps practice is the increased communication and collaboration within an organization/company, both in physical and non-physical forms. DevOps practices that run well, will improve the communication and collaboration aspects of not only the development team, but also the marketing, sales, operations, and other teams in the organization/company.

For organizations/companies that practice DevOps, they can reduce the number of errors, recover faster, and deploy more.
DevOps Engineers will be a team whose position is very important because these DevOps Engineers will work very closely with the Engineer Team to ensure the product runs well.