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Comprehensive Training Guide to Blogging and Ways of Earning

Are you new to blogging? Do you want to be a successful and proficient blogger? Well, if your answers are ‘’Ýes’’, then you are in the right place. Get access to effective blogging tools and all you need to know about WordPress. WordPress is a blogging platform, free to use, where you can customize your blog designs and earn without any restrictions.

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Keys to blogging

What you need is a domain name and knowledge of web hosting. The domain name is nothing but the address which will help people navigates to your site. Web hosting is where the files of your website reside. Though a typical domain name and web hosting cost quite a sum, thankfully there is some official WordPress platform like Bluehost that provides these services with a minimal charge.


All the content that you create for your blog ideally should have all these features-

  • Search engine optimized – WordPress has built-in SEO, social media integration, and sharing functions. This will help you to plug in a high traffic network and find new readers.
  • Holistic hosting features – WordPress allows you to creatively design your website, host, and register domains as well as receive automatic software updates. The help section is there you 24*7 to assist you with any challenge that you might face.
  • Make your blog mobile and desktop suitable with a seamless user interface experience and good loading speed.
  • Categorize your blogs-the post screen allows several sections for categories and tags. Make sure that you post content of the same categories under one head. Tag your posts as they help index your content and micro categorize your content.
  • Relate your blogs with slides, galleries, and forms. This will enable readers to stay in touch with your blogs. You can enable all these features by using plugins.
  • To interact with the readers, create a contact form for your website. This will give access to your readers to mail you directly or leave a message for you.

WordPress offers you statistical data that enables you to see and analyze the blogs’ past activity and make adjustments for better performance.

Now that you have successfully created your blog, you would like to know how you can make money. Well, there is no shortcut to easy money but hard work. You have to put in your time and effort to improve your blogs from time to time so that they are relevant to modern readers.

Most of the bloggers make money using the ads on their blogging sites. Google Adsense is a tool that helps you source ads that are relevant to your blogs and helps you earn money by posting those ads on your blogging sites.

Affiliate marketing is also a widely used technique to earn money. In this method, bloggers suggest products and services to readers and get commission upon purchase of that product via the referral.Some bloggers link their blogs to products and services and provide a platform for readers to buy those products and services directly for the sites. Join the training program to get more details on these money-making techniques for bloggers.

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