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How did I fix the UI/UX issues on our website?

The importance of websites is that they are one of the most prominent means of e-marketing or Digital Marketing, which helps smoothly in promoting any product, service, or even information to the public without any hardship or additional costs. In building its brand identity, famous people and awareness entrepreneurs are rushing to create their own websites to publish news of their projects and everything related to them.

Like everyone in the business field we have rushed to create our website because it is an essential step nowadays, we contacted Code Guru and started our project together. 

The website was super user friendly, easy navigation, fresh look, clear content, and informative. The checkout process was very easy and smooth, visitors didn’t have any issue when proceeding to the payment page. 

UI/UX Website design means creating an integrated form and structure for the website with an appealing design in terms of shapes, colors, typography, images and layouts, from home page, internal pages, and every visible part of the website. It includes everything related to what is visible in frontend.

After creating the UI/UX focused website, we started making a lot of money compared to advertising marketing made easy, we presented our offers and information to all customers in a seamless way, also, the website played a very important role on the credibility. Our customers felt more confident while ordering from the website, since Code Guru highlighted something very important in the website, which is the URL link, the website wasn’t HTTPS which means it wasn’t secure, so when we visitors entered the website they were afraid of purchasing and paying online.

Code Guru, the leading in UI/UX designs provides the best website creation and development service, as it has a long history of achievements in the field of creating and designing professional websites that are compatible with search engines and are flexible in Increasing the number of its pages and sections, or completely modifying it according to the customer’s desire or needs later on.

Also, the websites of Code Guru are characterized by being the best quality, efficiency, fastest in terms of completion time and the least expensive in Dubai, because they depend on the latest technical methods and professional theories in the field of creating UI/UX websites and because it is the best e-marketing company, with a team of developers. So do not hesitate to contact them and benefit from their digital services.