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How To Achieve User Retention With Mobile App Onboarding

Mobile applications are the most promising tools for any business. Consumers are drifting fast to mobile applications. Thus, cutting the competition for business owners can be a big challenge. With the help of mobile app user onboarding software, the developers try to win customers over their competitors. Onboarding means making customers acquainted with the features of mobile application and guide them through features to engage them. 

Here are some of the mobile app onboarding techniques that help in retaining users:

  • Trim permissions

A mobile phone has lots of features. Asking for permission to use each of these features can irritate the customers and they can abandon the application. So, the onboarding experts can ask for permission to use only those features that are useful for the functioning of application. Trimming the permissions, therefore, reduces the resistance and makes application more inviting.

  • Explain but only to highlight benefits

Walkthroughs to mobile application should be highlighting the benefits of all features. Just telling the features can take away the curiosity of the customers and they may find it time-consuming. To maintain immediacy, the feature adoption software is designed with features that lay focus on the benefits. The customers need to know benefits which compel them to explore the application further; so, design the onboarding accordingly.

  • Give incentives to first time users

Users are likely to come back when they have some monetary or other kind of benefit waiting for them at the application. Thus, the application must incentivize the first time users with something compelling. Later, it is the experience created that helps retain the customers. For a premium experience created, the customers do not mind paying extra. Further, incentives on referrals help enhance user engagement.

  • Use simple messages on multiple channels

To connect better with the customers, the onboarding technique of re-targeting helps a lot. If the customers have not explored the application after registration, nudging through push notification, emails, etc. can help. Drafting user-friendly messages on all channels is to be done to make each of these useful.

Onboarding is done in order to make application result-oriented. The techniques mentioned above help create a long-lasting user and business relationship.