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How To Choose The Right Cable Protector For Your Activity

Each activity is different, the same with cable protectors. Choosing the right cable protectors for your office, store, warehouse, or factory seems fairly complex at first glance. Do not worry, just look where you want to install it and find out about the space you have, the equipment, the traffic situation (i.e., the number of people or vehicles that will pass over the guard), as well as the conditions compliance and security potential.

Now you have to choose the cable protector according to the needs of your activity. To help you a little, we have recreated certain situations in which we offer organizational solutions for your cables.

The Situation: Telephone and computer cables are clumping around your desk. You tend to step on it and even trip over it.

The Solution: In this situation where pedestrian traffic is rather light, we advise you to use small capacity cable protectors to order and secure everything lying around your office. Small capacity protectors are often made of plastic, have small filling capacities, are very light and flexible. They are generally pre-slit for easy storage of cables. Finally, you can also put them on the ground or fix them.

What if your desk is carpeted? SafCord protectors will be perfect for your installation. This product is very flat, clings to the carpet with a scratch, and can be moved around to be reused endlessly. It is more practical than an adhesive strip since it will not leave marks on your carpet and can even be machine cleaned.

The Situation: The cables in your warehouse need to be protected from the occasional forklift passage, but you find that the high capacity cable protectors are too important and expensive.

The Solution: Because of the machines, heavy pedestrian traffic, and the passage of forklifts in some cases, warehouses represent a dilemma in the installation of cable protectors. The range of medium capacity cable protectors would be suitable for warehouses as a general rule; it is simply necessary to assess pedestrian and road traffic.

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