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How to Hire the Right Florida App Development Company

Picture this, you hire an app development company and spend $60k only to find out that it hits the market and does not meet the needs of your user base and is essentially useless. This is the same as buying a brand new 2020 Corvette, although you don’t have anything tangible to show for it. Bummer would be an understatement.

It’s critical to hire an app development company that has a proven track record of success. You wouldn’t want to spend your life’s savings on something and not get any type of return on it, right?

I am going to provide you with some clear and simple points to consider when hiring a Florida app development company.

Make sure they are reputable

This one goes without saying but we will say it anyway. Make sure you check references from past clients and any industry review sites like Clutch.co 2020 Top App Development Companies to get the scoop on the app development company you’re vetting.

Make sure they can provide proof of development

App development companies only sell non tangible items which are hard to track back to the original developer, if the company doesn’t want you to know. You want to have them show you the code repository on a place like GitHub or BitBucket that is tied to their company. Additionally you can ask the app development company to login to any admin panels they have created for previous apps and demonstrate changes that would reflect in a live app that is in the app stores.

Make sure they have a solid team of professionals

A lot of app development companies work with freelancers or part-time people who don’t have a high enough stake in the outcome of an app project. Many apps take 6 months or longer to develop and it’s possible to have these freelancers lose interest or absondon a long project after just a few months. We’re not saying that freelancers or part-timers are “bad”; however you want to work with ones that have a good track record from starting and completing a project successfully. If you are working with an agency, make sure the contractors they sub their development work out to have been in place for at least 12-18 months. 

Make sure they are great (not good) communicators

Communication is key to success in virtually any type of development project (and heck, even in all aspects of life). We recommend having at least 2 meetings/calls with the primary points of contact are on and you can get a feel for their communication style. If you sense any strange nuances or gaps in communication during these meetings, proceed with caution. 

Make sure they discuss marketing options post-launch

So much of the success of an app is how it’s marketed after the project has been completed. Many times as an app owner, you will want to set aside an additional 50-75% of your overall project’s budget for marketing the app. How good is an app in the app store that no one has ever heard of.

In conclusion, make sure to consider the above points as they are most likely going to deliver the success you desire when you build your app and launch it into the stratosphere! 

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