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Website design like Amazon

Designing a site like Amazon is considered one of the most important means of profit and the foundations for success in the field of electronic commerce, which has become in the advanced position is almost the first and most important now in the world of the Internet, if the online store like Amazon will have products for your commercial activity,

The importance of designing a site like Amazon

If you have learned the importance of designing a site like Amazon to become an issue for you in this field of e-commerce, you must have all the means that will attract merchants to your store in general and see all the products that you display on your site as different methods will benefit you in attracting Merchants to sell their products on your website, the importance of a successful and easy to use website design and good design, and this will make your site a friend of Google and always a candidate to appear in the first pages of search engines.

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Conditions that must be met in designing a site like Amazon

After the great and permanent success of the Amazon website in the Arab and international world, there are many who want to own a site like Amazon or aspire to their ambitions to compete with the Amazon website sometimes, in order to achieve a dream of obtaining a large site and have followers and visitors fictional numbers and also to achieve a huge financial return in a short period, but If you want to get a site like Amazon, it requires you to rely on a large company and has previous experience in the field of designing websites and applications and has good works such as the Network Orders Foundation, which depends on a strong team of programmers and professional web designers in this field, and some of the Zaya, which allows traders to easily display products on your site, for example:

– Provides a feature for registering for merchants, with the creation of a special store for each merchant easily, if desired, adding all data to each merchant, ways to communicate with him and some other products for him with the specifications of his store.

Availability of the merchant’s name appearing in his section and next to all his products on the main page.

– There should be ease of dealing with the control panel. The control panel must include all the tasks that entail the merchant displaying his products in a way that is appropriate for your site as well as his products in order to continue his permanent presence on your site.

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Website design features such as Amazon

When we talk about the advantages that must be obtained when deciding to design a site such as Amazon, through the Network Command Corporation, which specializes in the field of website design and applications in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, you will see that the features will be divided into two parts, the first section is a special features of the site design in terms of external appearance and simple design In dealing, and the second section concerns the ease of dealing with the control panel and dealing with it, and here are some of the advantages that you will get when designing a site like Amazon, namely:

  1. The site design must be in several different languages ​​in order to reach more than one country.
  2. The site design should be smooth and simple so that the site can work very quickly on different operating systems and all types of mobile.
  3. You must use the latest and best techniques in designing to make the site at a high speed on all international browsers.
  4. You must choose a new, exclusive and innovative design that supports all the features that make it compatible with SEO standards.
  5. When designing your site, you must have the ease of navigating within the site in order to display the products and sections in a simple way so that the visitor can view the products and choose from them easily and buy the products with the possibility of the appearance of all the data on the product and mention all the details and the shipping system and methods Pay until the customer decides what is best for all of them.
  6. Customers must be billed with a copy of the website’s logo on the e-mail messages so that the customer has all the details of the order and shipment.
  7. There should be a possibility for customers to communicate with the site’s officials and the technical and sales support team, either through a unified phone number or an electronic chat or communicating through e-mail messages, preferably all these means are available.
  8. The site must be linked with all the accounts of the social media sites of the site, because of the rapid spread and ease of access of customers to clients and access to all new offers, and also so that all customers can share offers and products on their own accounts and with friends.
  9. The design of the site must include a number of systems that are considered to be replacement and retrieval, according to the terms and conditions set out for customers, and we must also have a feature that is one of the important features which is the evaluation of products from customers, and a very important feature must be available It is a comparison of goods and products in order to determine and choose the best product from the products.

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The cost of designing a site like Amazon

One of the most important points that must be considered when deciding to design a site such as Amazon is the cost of creating the site and this is because we are always shocked by some exaggerated prices with good quality of the site, and there are some prices that are greatly reduced but when you see your site you will find it a lot less From what I waited, and there are medium-cost prices, which in most cases give you high quality website design and application of your ideas, as well as give you a simple cost price due to the effort made on the site and for this we at the Network Orders Foundation strive to provide you with quality and professionalism in designing and participating in interactive ideas in the site B The side of the reduced prices for the cost so as not to cause material burden on the owner of any project or commercial activity, and this is one of the most important things that distinguishes us, we are the network orders.

Why choose Network Orders Corporation to design your website?

This is because we are in the network orders to provide several advantages to the customer, including:

  • We have the strongest protection system for our clients and strong private servers in the company characterized by high speed and stability.
  • We have technical support with you 24 hours a day, any time Mother of the week.
  • We offer you a distinctive professional design, advanced and innovative for every site or application.
  • We prepare a marketing plan to target the private markets according to what your site requires.
  • We have a high ability to meet the deadlines agreed upon with clients.

In the end, we have clarified some of the important points about the importance and features of website design such as the market and Amazon and also we have presented some things about the cost of website design, but we cannot set a price because different ideas and developments added to the site design differ from one site to another but if you want to determine the cost of designing a site Clearly, contact us at the Network Orders Corporation via various means of communication, and we will determine the cost, conditions and all the benefits that you will get when you request a website like Amazon or Souq.

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