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Hybrid Work Essentials for Your HR Team

COVID-19 was a significant contributor to the transformation of the conventional workplace. One survey indicated that just 15 percent of pre-COVID-19 workers were able to work from home. The number of these workers increased by an additional 35% after the outbreak. This unforeseen reversal put HR departments under immense pressure, expecting them to conduct “regular” corporate activities.

A hybrid workplace is a business concept in which employees operate remotely and in-office. Two days per week, your HR and creative teams might work from home while your marketing and financial teams are in the office. This might be done weekly or monthly to enable everyone to work from home and in the office. Employees don’t have to commute long distances to work. They can now manage their time for their family, work, and personal lives.

The flexibility of hybrid employment allows employees to work from anywhere they choose. However, employees must be present, perform their duties, fill out paperwork, maintain their personal information, and complete other tasks.

Employees and the HR department can both benefit from HR software companies in the Philippines. They can manage Philippines payroll, monitor employee productivity, and evaluate employee attendance. The geotracking and geolocation features of GreatDay HR enable businesses to monitor employees’ progress at work or remotely.

The temperature checker system can also be utilized for attendance monitoring. ITCS (Intelligent Temperature Checking System) is a system that guarantees employees and managers enter the office within an average temperature range. It is a superior option to biometrics because it is more crucial to monitor the workforce’s health. The HR team can utilize this feature’s data to enhance the company’s personnel development programs.

Even though hybrid work arrangements have existed for some time, the current environment has demonstrated the significance of technology and digitalization. The transfer can be simple with full-suite HRIS software and payroll software, such as GreatDay HR. 

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