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I find many accounts on Instagram that are doing a good job but have little visibility or followers because they have not defined an excellent strategy to follow on their Instagram account.

Because I have already said it many times, and I will continue to say it, having a presence in a social network is not enough. You need to have a strategy that helps you achieve your goals and optimize your resources to avoid being disappointed with them and throwing in the towel. The question is how to get more IG followers?

For this reason, muchfollowers.com advised to write this post that they have structured by objectives, but that does not mean that you only have to do the strategies of the goal that you are pursuing, but that you must focus on those strategies more than on the rest to achieve that objective, since that they are all critical.

Marketing Strategies On Instagram To Have More Visibility

If your primary objective on Instagram is to get more visibility, because you are just starting out or because you have been with your account for a while, but you do not have the visibility you would like, here are some marketing strategies that you can implement now:

Be Active And Constant

If you want to get results on Instagram, you have to regularly be active on this social network. It is not worth that you publish a lot for a while and then disappear; what’s more, the algorithm may think that your account is inactive and reduces your reach when you post new content after that period of inactivity.

You better publish little, but keep that frequency, then publish a lot and stop doing it for a season due to lack of content, ideas or time.

Use The Stories

Instagram Stories works excellent due to its freshness and ease of consuming this type of content from the social network; it is one of the favorites.

You can share more spontaneous and less worked content to show yourself, teach your day to day, give quick tips, ask your audience, share news or trends, show what is behind your business, etc.

You can also add a location or hashtags to the stories so that you can expand the reach of it and reach accounts that do not follow you.

Use The Right Hashtags

One of the most frequent mistakes I see in many accounts is using generic or made-up hashtags on Instagram. It is not wrong to incorporate any of these into your publications, but they are not the most suitable if you are looking to increase your visibility.

Use more specific hashtags that do not have as many publications to reach your target audience and prevent your publication from being buried in a matter of seconds in a sea of ​​publications and hardly showing up.  learn more in this social media guide

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