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The Mamba Electric Grinder: The Best Herbal Tech for 2020

Hold on to your herbs: there’s a new electric grinder on the scene, and it’s going to change the way you grind.

The Mamba electric grinder is a battery-operated, one-handed herb grinder that uses interlocking aluminum teeth to power through the densest, toughest herbs.  Power to the grinder is provided by a powerful motor which is mated to an all-metal gear train that achieves a fast and consistent grind speed.

To ensure ideal grind consistency and particle size, the grinding mechanism is mated to a screen that only permits ideally-sized pieces to leave the grinder.  With this innovative design, there is no need to stop mid-grind and check on how fine the grind is; the perfect grind simply exits the machine while grinding until grinding is complete.

The Mamba ultimate herb grinder is far cleaner than hand grinders because it uses a clear plastic funnel to direct the grind into whatever container you want to use.  There is far less waste in this design than other grinders, and anyone who values their herbs will appreciate this design feature.

The Mamba electric grinder is truly a one-handed, one-stop herbal processing machine.  Since it can be operated with either hand and switched on with your thumb, you’ll have a free hand throughout grinding.  This makes it an especially useful grinder for those with manual dexterity problems.

Cleaning is made simple with the Mamba’s all-aluminum grinding head.  The all-metal design allows for easy maintenance and cleaning, and the rest of the unit is sealed off from the herbs and therefore prevented from getting dirty.  It is simple to take care of the Mamba, and taste does not transfer from one grind to another due to an unnecessarily porous material choice – a drawback of some plastic grinders.

The balance and feel of the Mamba is indicative of a high build quality.  The designers have achieved a balance in the handle that makes it easy to hold the Mamba over whatever container is being used to collect the herbs being ground, and the unit is light and mobile without feeling cheap and fragile.  In fact, premium materials have been chosen for the Mamba and it is a grinder that has been engineered for years of dependable use.

The back of the Mamba incorporates a stand that allows the grinder to be placed upright and steady so that herbs can be loaded without holding the grinder.  Although a simple idea, this feature adds to the accessibility of the Mamba, as loading can be done one-handed.  This makes the Mamba a truly one-handed grinder: from loading to grinding.

Best New Grinder for 2020

With all of the innovative features listed above, the Mamba comes in strong as the best electric grinder for 2020.  The perfect companion to your vaporizer and travel bag, there isn’t anything out there that has solved as many grinding pet peeves as the Mamba.

Check out the Mamba electric herb grinder Kickstarter video!

Is the Mamba Electric Grinder good?

The designers of the Mamba have made the best grinder available on the market today, and we can’t even think of a close second.  Our recommendation is, for those new to grinding, to skip past the inconsistency and mess of a hand grinder and go straight to a Mamba.  And you won’t break the bank, either: the Mamba delivers a treasure trove of innovation at a competitive price, and with the high-quality of the build, it will serve you well for years to come. 

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