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IOS Development: What Do Novice Programmers Need To Know?

The most prestigious niche that a modern programmer seeks to master is the development of software for mobile devices. This article will talk about preparations for working with the iOS 10 operating system. The reason for focusing on it is simple – this is a new version from the world-famous Apple developer.

What is required?

The Mac would be an ideal assistant for developing a mobile application, but one reason, it is not possible to install it, and then macOS is also suitable. Between themselves, the programmers called this program “Hackintosh,” and it is easier to find on the network.  After downloading Hackintosh, it must be installed on the virtual machine. The Hackintosh cannot make a combination of several keys. And this can be a serious obstacle to work.

Armed with knowledge!

Immediately, it must be emphasized that to work with IOS (as well as in general for any operation in the field of programming), you need to have tremendous knowledge. Such disciplines as “logic” and “mathematics” may not be needed at the beginning of the path. But in the future, they cannot do without them.

  • How is the numbering
  • How the number system is converted
  • What is the speed of each routine
  • How efficient are the algorithms

The IOS developer and iOS program should become familiar with the principles of macOS. Also, do not forget about the “Apple” programming language. This is especially important when you consider that Apple has its ecosystem.

What tools will be required

Every IOS developer needs the “XCode” programming environment. This environment includes tools that allow you to work with applications:

  • iPhone
  • Apple watch
  • Mac

The advantages of “XCode.”

  • The “XCode” structure contains a tool for building an interface and a code editor, which is necessary for all operations carried out with the code.
  • Without interrupting the system, you can resort to a test application. Testing is started in the emulator only if it is developed for an external device.
  • Another advantage of “XCode” is the presence in it of the graphical tool necessary for comparing performance indicators. There are also tools to diagnose: CPU utilization and Drive Efficiency.
  • You can also identify the level of load on the graphics adapter. If the old version of “XCode” is installed, then it should be updated urgently. This can be done using the App Store. Orientation should be on “XCode 8”. Through this program is carried out p azrabotka mobile applications for iOS.