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5 Free Ways to Increase The Downloads Of Your Game App

  • App Store Optimization


If you have a mobile app, the first and most important thing to take into consideration is ASO. First of all it’s free. Secondly, when you don’t have an app which is not well designed in terms of title, description, screenshots, reviews and other elements, you will not gain success only with paid advertising. App Store Optimization process improves a mobile app’s visibility in the store by optimizing each meta data. To increase your game app downloads you have to use this fundamental and cost-effective technique. 


  • Social Media Marketing


You can not deny the power of social media marketing today, in any industry. A strong online presence can be an effective way to introduce your new app and then to increase your game app downloads. Today, number of shares is an important metric in social media. Thus, generating sharable contents in social media is a smart way especially in game app industry. You can use gamification on your social media channels for your app download strategy as well. 


  • Viral Marketing Campaign


Another essential driver is viral marketing. Try to get other people to mention or talk about your app. Therefore, your brand awareness and reputation will increase and it will inevitably bring you more downloads. Don’t forget! The main point is to convince people talking about your app. Think about how can you make your app more sociable, enjoyable. 


  • Getting Rate & Review 


Getting more positive reviews from your current users will drive more downloads as well. Because app users rely on other app users’ opinions before downloading an app. 


  • Measure, Analyze, Optimize


What a great surprise! ☺ Measuring, Analyzing and Optimizing is very critical processes in this industry like every others. If you want increase to your game app downloads, you have to measure your current outputs from your all marketing activities. Then you have to detailed analyses. At the end of the chain, you will optimize your future marketing efforts towards more cost-effective one. You must do this loop constantly. 

Some important metrics to track:

  • Session length
  • Retention rate
  • Uninstall rate

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