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Lightroom, The Ideal All-In-One For The Photographer


The Adobe Lightroom Classic is a popular software for photographers. It is the ideal solution for photographers. Most photographers sometimes find it difficult to get the best paid software to enhance their photo. Indeed, it includes absolutely everything in a single reliable, and efficient software.

In other words, within the same software, you can both sort your photos, develop them, do a little local editing if necessary, and at the end, catalog your images with notes, keywords, and even export them, directly from the software to your favorite online gallery. 

The set of these steps is what is called the workflow. Being able to do it all within the same software is very precious to me, and that’s why I highly recommend Lightroom if you are ready to invest.

Free Photo Software

Obviously, for some people, paying for software is not an option, and fortunately, there are credible, free solutions. I am often asking the question: are they as good as paid software?

Most often, no: there is no secret; you always get what you pay for. This does not mean that we cannot get good results with this software. They have more weaknesses. To know more, visit https://gotoandlearn.com

RAW Development


In terms of RAW development software, I recommend RawTherapee: it is multi-platform (Windows, Mac, and Linux), quite ergonomic and well thought out, and delivers satisfactory results.

It is not free from faults either: the noise is more present than in its paying competitors, the interface is a complex in places (you have to ignore the complicated functions to focus on the essentials), and it is not very fast. Despite that, it’s still a great free alternative, great for starting post-processing.

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