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When Status Labs Is the Right SEO Company for Your Needs

SEO brings order to predictive efforts in the online marketplace. There are fundamental strategies and key metrics that have proven to optimize efforts that engage consumers with brands. An SEO company is also concerned with driving traffic to a website, as well as new customer acquisition, but it’s important to pick the right SEO company for your needs.

Fundamental Strategies of an SEO Company

SEO leverages key metrics to advance strategies in specific areas. These include:

  • user experiences
  • social media
  • keywords
  • tracking and targeting
  • mobile technology

The success of SEO is dependent upon catering to the nuances of the complete spectrum of your users’ experiences. Social media is a critical factor in making this work. Keywords both support social media campaigns and benefit your brand in other ways. Searches and artificial intelligence are examples of how keywords can be powerful. Because the online marketplace changes so quickly, tracking consumers’ behavior is critical to keeping up with social trends. Tracking is also a key component of targeted marketing campaigns.

The planning stages of SEO also heavily rely upon tracking. SEO efforts must be nimble. Innovation not only greatly impacts the overall online marketplace but is also characteristic of SEO technology itself. Lastly, SEO must reach mobile communities. This is no longer a mere option. In fact, mobile platforms have overtaken desktops as the primary focus of development. Your company can expect the fulfillment of each of these fundamentals upon hiring the right SEO company.

Signs That Your Company Needs Professional SEO Help

Probably the most evident sign that your company is in need of professional SEO help is search results that are not returning the desired rankings. While some keyword searches are competitive, many are not. This is where targeting and social media campaigns can be leveraged. However, a perfectly marketed social media campaign can be wasted if search results distance your company from consumers.

Another indication that an SEO company can be beneficial is when customer acquisitions are well below expectations. This can be discerned from website visibility and online presence. SEO is not just about getting eyes on your product but also getting the right eyes on your product. A good SEO strategy will achieve this.

Lessons From an SEO Company

SEO is about leveraging the internet. At one time, that meant expanding. Companies, both big and small, saw search engines as a way to reach more people. As tools and analytics developed to make these campaigns optimized, concepts like data tracking and user targeting became increasingly powerful. Market shifts progressed from mass consumer outreach to target marketing to local search engine optimization and now cater to individual social media accounts.

It is in these types of strategies that companies like Status Labs specialize. Headquartered in Austin, Texas, Status labs maintains international offices in London and São Paulo, as well as at key locations in the United States (New York and Los Angeles). At the moment, Status Labs has clients in a range of industries that span over 40 countries. Part of the reason that Status Labs is so successful is that it was founded and led by individuals with a diversity of interrelated disciplines.