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This post is about PC migration. Moving users between systems, devices and domains remains a serious hassle. In order to understand how to move settings and persona between systems, what people generally call PC migration, is to understand first what persona is. It’s what makes a computer yours, a Windows system can have 200,000 settings and files on it or more, an individual Windows profile for a specific user can have 80,000 or more. Persona consists of the exact settings and files that reflect you, about 12,000 settings in a typical Windows system are what makes that desktop familiar and productive for the user.

Do you know that robust Windows migration software is available, that takes 80 percent less time per device, for Windows 10 upgrades, periodic refresh, domain changes and document relocations? Other solutions claim to save your company money, but they probably don’t. Others claim to move applications but it takes forever, and who knows it might work. Others claim to save you time, but if you look at it the cost-benefit analysis says otherwise. That’s why companies are now reviewing their refreshed change management and migration processes. And they’re choosing to switch to the top performing user state migration software available today. Tranxition Migration Manager for Windows.

Tranxition migration manager delivers unparalleled speed, reliability, depth and price value; for governments, banks, research, manufacturing defense education, information service providers and many more. They’ve discovered that they can recover 80% of their migration time, and cut bench time by over 1.5 hours per migration. That’s right, and they can deliver a better result to their users. Tranxition Migration Manager gets you start migrating in under 20 minutes, you’d simply choose the applications, you define the registry and follow rules which determine how your documents are migrating and you can add registry keys or specific registry branches that you wish to migrate. You configure the product options, and then you’re ready to run extractions and injections. Whether that’s across the network, across a thumb drive, or directly connected PCs.

Migration Manager is simple to adopt, learn and script. And is nearly 1 million lines of code behind the scenes to keep it simple. And it’s fully automated including support for Windows PE. It runs across the network, thumb drive, and direct connect. Transistor migration manager has been noticed by Forbes, PC Magazine, ZDNet, Government computer news, Computer world, Gartner group, IDC, eWeek, and many many more. Microsoft Certified Professional magazine said the TMM is a product we can’t live without. It was also a Cody Award finalist for design. Transition migration manager finally a profile migration tool that earns technical and business respect. Who does it earns respect from? From organizations around the world the United States, Europe and Asia. It helps governments, scientific organizations, financial services companies, legal, manufacturing and IT services businesses today. And it easily integrates with Ivanti, Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager, Quest case and many many other systems management solutions. Transition migration manager for Windows you won’t regret it for a minute.

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