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Platform For A Successful Online Event

When you think of meetings and events, the first thing that comes to mind is face-to-face interaction. However, when it’s not possible for everyone to get together in the same location, virtual and hybrid events offer another way to communicate with each other. While virtual events can expand your audience and promote inclusivity – at the same time there are still quite a few of those who do not know how to host an event online or how to add virtual components to a traditional conference. To make things easier, there are hybrid exhibitions and conferences platforms out there that can help you manage both offline and online parts of the event.

What is a Hybrid Event?

If you are hosting a hybrid event, this means that some aspects of the meeting happen virtually. This might be done to increase engagement, to reduce cost, or in order to offer an alternative way for participants to meet.

Benefits of Hybrid Events

Let’s take a look at a few ways how virtual elements of hybrid events can benefit your organization:

Increase Engagement:  First of all, virtual events allow you to engage with participants regardless of their geographical location. This means that potential customers who aren’t able to attend the event in person can still be involved.

Reduce Costs:  Saving money is another benefit. While adding digital features to your event costs some money, the total will still be less than when hosting an entirely traditional event.

Offering Alternative:  Offering an alternative way to participate in a meeting allows the attendees to have more than one option for joining the event. Some people prefer to attend physically, while others would rather participate online. Making both options available will help increase the number of attendees, while providing them with the preferred way of participation. 

How to Make a Hybrid Event a Grand Success

Now that we’ve looked at the benefits of hosting a hybrid exhibition and how to make the event stand out, it’s time to actually get started. Hosting an hybrid exhibition isn’t as difficult as it may seem – all it takes is a planning and dedication.

Come Up With a Strong and Attractive Event Name:  Make sure that the title is relevant and catchy. While this may seem like just a name, in reality this is what introduces your even to potential attendees and makes your event stand out. 

Set The Right Date for Your Event:  It might seem obvious, but selecting the right date for your exhibitions is absolutely crucial in making sure people can attend. It may be best to avoid timeframes that coincide with holidays or with other related exhibitions.

Decide on Offline Equipment and Software:  When you split an event into physical and digital parts, you are mostly likely going to need both some offline equipment for the physical in-person part, as well as special software or digital event platform to take care of the online part of the event. Look around for options that will make it easy for you to make both traditional and online presentations. 

Stick to Budget:  Holding a hybrid event can certainly save you money, but still it is not free. Make sure to study the available options and plan the funds accurately, so that no surprise expenses pop up out at you.

Promote the Event in a Timely Manner:  Make sure you give enough time to potential attendees to make their decision and adjust their schedules.  Let them know about event in advance and the information that can get them interested in attending.

 Put Right People in Charge:  Make sure that those who sign up for the event know who their point of contact is. Having someone in charge of communication will make things more organized and efficient.

Follow the steps suggested above to set up a hybrid event that would allow for both in-person and virtual attendance, and promote the event a timely manner in order to get involved as many people as possible. 

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