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Price Of A Network Firewall: A Comparison Of Security Costs

Every organization with an Internet connection needs a network firewall to defend the network from assaults and criminal activity and allow business productivity as part of an integrated security architecture that maintains network connections dependable and safe. 

Network firewalls were quite simple when firewall technology first emerged decades ago. They mainly served as a gateway between the local area network (LAN) and the Internet, inspecting and filtering packets as they came in and out and deciding what to accept and refuse based on features like destination address or port number. Firewalls are required to accomplish more throughout time, particularly as the variety, complexity, and frequency of assaults increase.

Not all network firewalls are created equal. Some so-called “firewalls” do nothing more than “stand guard” at the network’s edge, giving minimal functionality that offers less and less security with each passing year. Choosing the correct network firewall is one of the important choices you’ll make for your company’s network security. So, it’s time to make a good decision!

What Do Network Firewalls Cost? Explanation of Prices

  • Several variables, including determining the price of a network firewall
  • The manufacturer, model, and features, such as performance, capacity, and redundancy
  • The expense of any continuing subscriptions for security, services, or support.
  • The firewall’s setup, monitoring, integration, and continuous maintenance
  • Choosing network firewalls, whether low- Fortigate Firewall price or standard-cost, should begin with a thorough evaluation of your requirements, beginning with the size of your company.

Consider the Size and Needs of Your Company

How much your company is expected to grow (or shrink) in the next 24 months, and how do you plan to balance on-premises and remote employees.

The following are some essential questions to consider:

  • In my network architecture, where will the firewall be located?
  • Who will administer it, and how will it be done?
  • To partition traffic, how many interfaces will be required?
  • What kind of traffic inspections must I conduct?

What Is the Best Way for Me To Meet the Demands of My Remote Users

The COVID-19 epidemic accelerated an already-growing trend of remote labour. It’s critical that the same rules and standards that apply to connections to corporate resources that occur outside of your business network, from homes and hospitals to schools and coffee shops, be used to link to corporate resources that occur outside of your company network.

Determine the Firewall Type

Firewalls are available in three basic configurations. When minimal network security is required, software firewalls are typically deployed on individual PCs or corporate devices. 

Hardware firewalls are units that reside at network boundaries and can quickly assess what’s coming in from the Internet and what’s exiting your network.